Vietnam visa for United Arab Emirates citizens

Visa requirements

Type of visa Requirements Maximum stay
Tourist visa Visa required N/A
E-visa Eligible 30 days

How to apply

Visitors from United Arab Emirates have three available methods to obtain a visa for Vietnam.

  • e-Visa
  • Visa on arrival
  • Visa at embassy

Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam in United Arab Emirates

City Address
Abu Dhabi Villa 101&102, Street 27, Sector 24, Al Mushrif Area, Abu Dhabi, Uae
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Vietnam visa fees for AE residents

Visa types Standard processing (5-7 working days) Urgent processing (2 working days)
1 Month Multiple Entry (Tourism) 268 AED 441 AED
3 Month Multiple Entry (Tourism) 268 AED 441 AED
3 Month Single Entry (Tourism) 176 AED 349 AED
1 Month Single Entry (Tourism) 176 AED 349 AED

Standard Processing time: e-Visa will be processed by 15:30 July 23, 2024 (Local Dubai time).

Information for AE passports traveling to Vietnam

Do UAE citizens need a visa for Vietnam?

Beautiful view of rice terrace paddle field in sunset and dawn at Mam Xoi hill, Mu Cang Chai ( Photo: Shutterstock)

UAE nationals are REQUIRED to obtain a valid visa before entering Vietnam for tourism, business, or other purposes. There are two options for obtaining a Vietnam visa: applying in person at the Vietnam Embassy in the UAE or applying for a visa on arrival.


How to apply for a Vietnamese visa on an UAE passport

Visa at the Vietnam Embassy

Nationals with UAE citizenship who wish to obtain a Vietnam visa can apply for it in person at the Vietnam Embassy in UAE. To apply for a Vietnam visa at the embassy, you will need to complete the visa application form, provide a valid passport with at least six months validity, a passport-sized photo, and pay the visa fee in cash.

Apply for an e-visa online

Currently, United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for the e-visa program for Vietnam. However, individuals of other nationalities residing in the UAE can refer to the list of eligible countries for the e-visa scheme.

Apply for a visa on arrival

UAE residents can get a Vietnam visa on arrival if traveling to Vietnam by air. To obtain it, you must apply online through a reputable visa service provider and receive a visa approval letter via email.

The letter must be presented at the Vietnamese airport along with a completed visa application form, a valid passport with at least six-month validity, a passport-sized photo, and the visa stamping fee in cash.


How much is the visa fee for UAE passports?

Visa on arrival

  • Approval letter fee: depending on type of visa and stay durations
  • Stamping fee:
    • Single entry: 25 USD ~ 91 AED
    • Multiple entry: 50 USD ~ 183 AED

Travel tips for Emirati nationals visiting Vietnam

How to get there

Direct and connecting flights between Vietnam and the UAE are available on a daily basis. Most flights connect international airports in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam, and Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport in the UAE.

Some of the airlines that operate flights between Vietnam and the UAE are Emirates, Etihad Airways, Vietnam Airlines, and AirAsia.

Dubai - Ho Chi Minh City



Estimated prices (per person/ one way)

Dubai - Ho Chi Minh City


2437 AED

Dubai - Ho Chi Minh City

Emirates + Vietnam Airlines

2781 AED

Abu Dhabi - Ho Chi Minh City



Estimated prices (per person/ one way)

Abu Dhabi - Ho Chi Minh City

Qatar Airways

2889 AED

Abu Dhabi - Ho Chi Minh City

Turkish Airlines

2764 AED


Weather information

Inhabitants in Vietnam and UAE experience different climates and types of weather.

  • Climate: Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity and distinct rainy and dry seasons. On the other hand, UAE has a hot desert climate with high temperatures and low humidity throughout the year.
  • Weather: The northern part of Vietnam experiences four seasons with cool winters from November to February and hot summers from June to August. The central and southern parts of Vietnam have a more consistent temperature throughout the year with a hot and humid climate. The rainy season in Vietnam is from May to October. In UAE, the summer from May to September is extremely hot while winter is milder.
  • Temperature: Vietnam has an average temperature of around 20-25°C (68-77°F) during the dry season from November to April, which can drop to 10-15°C (50-59°F) in the winter months of December and January. The southern part is hotter than the northern one. By contrast, in UEA, the temperature can reach up to 50°C (122°F). The winter season from November to April is more temperate with temperatures ranging from 15°C (59°F) to 30°C (86°F).
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Can I get a business Visa to work in Vietnam as an English teacher?

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@AKWASI AGYEN, To work in Vietnam, you will need a work visa instead. Please see our guide here! So basically, you can apply for a tourist visa. Then, once you are in Vietnam, you can seek out an employer and receive assistance in obtaining a work permit to work legally in Vietnam.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Are Emirati nationals eligible for a Vietnam e-visa?

Vietnam does not grant e-visa for Emirati passport holders so you need to obtain a visa at the Vietnam embassy in UAE or apply for a visa on arrival.

2. Can I visit Vietnam for business purposes?

Yes. To conduct business activities, you can get a Vietnam business visa with a maximum validity of 90 days to enter the country.

3. Are UAE residents eligible for a Vietnam visa exemption?

No. Citizens in UAE are not eligible for the Vietnam visa exemption program.

4. What is the stamping fee for a single-entry visit to Vietnam?

The stamping fee for a single entry to Vietnam is 25 USD ~ 91 AED.

5. Are UAE nationals eligible to apply for an e-visa for Vietnam?

Yes, UAE residents are eligible to apply for an e-visa for Vietnam. You can find the information for getting an e-visa from United Arab Emirates here.

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