Vietnam Evisa Eligible Countries

The government has issued Resolution No. 127 regarding the application of electronic visas that will grant e-visa to citizens of all countries and territories entering Vietnam, starting from August 15th.

Map of eligible countries

List of countries with e-visa eligibility (2024)

Countries Eligibility Visitor statistics (2024)
Andorra Yes
Argentina Yes
Armenia Yes
Australia Yes 386,934
Austria Yes
Azerbaijan Yes
Belarus Yes
Belgium Yes 34,187
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
Brazil Yes
Brunei Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Canada Yes 159,121
Chile Yes
China Yes 5,804,362
Colombia Yes
Croatia Yes
Cuba Yes
Cyprus Yes
Czech Republic Yes
Denmark Yes 42,043
Ecuador Yes
Estonia Yes
Fiji Yes
Finland Yes 21,480
France Yes 287,655
Georgia Yes
Germany Yes 226,792
Greece Yes
Honduras Yes
Hong Kong Yes
Hungary Yes
Iceland Yes
India Yes
Ireland Yes
Israel Yes
Italy Yes 70,798
Japan Yes 951,962
Kazakhstan Yes
Latvia Yes
Liechtenstein Yes
Lithuania Yes
Luxembourg Yes
Malta Yes
Marshall Islands Yes
Mexico Yes
Micronesia Yes
Moldova Yes
Monaco Yes
Mongolia Yes
Montenegro Yes
Myanmar Yes
Nauru Yes
Netherlands Yes 81,092
New Zealand Yes 47,088
North Macedonia Yes
Norway Yes 28,037
Palau Yes
Panama Yes
Papua New Guinea Yes
Peru Yes
Philippines Yes 179,190
Poland Yes
Portugal Yes
Qatar Yes
Romania Yes
Russia Yes 646,524
Samoa Yes
San Marino Yes
Serbia Yes
Singapore Yes 308,969
Slovakia Yes
Slovenia Yes
Solomon Islands Yes
South Africa Yes
South Korea Yes 4,291,202
Spain Yes 83,597
Sweden Yes 50,704
Switzerland Yes 36,577
Timor-Leste Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes
United Kingdom Yes 315,084
United States Yes 744,216
Uruguay Yes
Uzbekistan Yes
Vanuatu Yes
Venezuela Yes
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United Kingdom

I am coming from Cambodia to Vietnam in January for 22 days,I have a uk passport do I need a visa or am I exempt with the new rules , finding very conflicting evidence in line??

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A Answered by Lan

You do not need a visa to enter Vietnam for less than 45 days, using a UK passport, either flying from the UK or entering overland from Cambodia.

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Hi, We're traveling as a family with four people - 3 Australia/New Zealand Citizen and 1 Indian Citizen, are we eligible for E-Visa or Visa on arrival. Thank you.

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A Answered by Lina

@Suneel, Yes, your family is eligible for an e-visa, and you can apply online and fly to Vietnam without any issues.

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Rose Smith
United Kingdom

I am so confused! I have UK passport and arrive in Ho Chi Minh city 15th November. I plan to stay for 2 months, leave 8th January. Can I please get an e-visa. UK site state can only stay 45 days on e-visa?

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A Answered by Lina

@Rose Smith, Yes, UK passport holders are also eligible to apply for a 3-month (90 days) e-visa. If you plan to stay longer than 45 days, you can apply for an e-visa instead.

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As a german citizen visiting Vietnam for 4 days- do I need an e Visa?

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@Manuel, You do not need a visa for 15 days as an German passport holder. Just bring your valid passport and you are able to enter the country!

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South Africa

How do I a pre-approved letter if I hold a South African passport and I purchased flights directly with the airline and hotel accommodation, directly with the Hotel. Thanks

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@GOVENDER, It is currently not possible to obtain an approval letter if you are not going on an organized tour with a local tour operator. However, the new e-visa policy will soon be in effect, which will be available to all countries. If you are not traveling soon, please wait for the new visa policy updates.

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Sheree Rooney
New Zealand

We are a New Zealand school and have a group of students travelling to South East Asia, including Vietnam, in June. One our students is travelling on a South African passport. Can she apply for a pre-approved visa letter? Where would she be able to collect this letter?

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A Answered by Mai Le

@Sheree Rooney, Visa on arrival is currently limited to travelers who enter Vietnam on an organized tour only. Therefore, we advise that you contact the local embassy of Vietnam embassy in Wellington for visa information.

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Jason Williams
South Africa

I am arriving in Hanoi on 05 April 2024 with a South African passport. I understand I cannot get an e-visa with this passport and the online visa approval letter is no longer available. Please can you advise how I now get a visa approval letter?

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@Jason Williams, South African nationals are currently not on the list of e-visa eligible countries, however, you can apply for a pre-approved visa letter and then pick up your visa at the embassy of Vietnam in Pretoria before you go.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I obtain a visa if my country is not included on the list of countries eligible for e-visa issuance?

If you are not a citizen of any of the eligible countries, you may apply for a visa on arrival or contact the nearest embassy or consulate in your country for visa application.

Contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact support if you already submitted your visa application on our website.

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