Types of Vietnamese visa

As the new regulations went into effect in January 2015, there are about 20 different types of Vietnamese visas including DL, DN, NG, LV, DH, HN, PV, TT, VR, SQ ..ect.

Popular types of Vietnam visa:

A sample of a business visa categorized under DN.


Visa TypeDescription and InformationValidity
NG1 - NG4Diplomatic VisasNo longer than 12 months
LV1 - LV2Working with Vietnam authorities or partiesNo longer than 12 months
ĐTInvestor VisasNo longer than 5 years
DNWorking with Vietnamese enterprisesNo longer than 12 months
NN1 - NN2Chief Representative Office in Vietnam, Head of Project Office of foreign NGONo longer than 12 months
NN3NGOs' Staff, Rep office in VietnamNo longer than 12 months
DHStudent/InternshipNo longer than 12 months
HNMeetings/ConferencesNo longer than 03 months
PV1Journalists with permanent residence in VietnamNo longer than 12 months
PV2Journalists with short term residence in VietnamNo longer than 12 months
Foreign workers/Working visasNo longer than 2 years
DLTourist/Visitor VisasNo longer than 03 months
TTDependents of LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐNo longer than 12 months
VRFamily visits, other purposesNo longer than 06 months

Note: Visa on arrival is good for tourism purpose only, you may not be able to get other types of visa with this method.

Last Updated: January 01, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I am visiting Vietnam for a business conference, what type of visa do I need to apply for?

You can either apply for a DN visa or HN visa as in the chart above, both will work for your purpose of visit.

I plan to open a business in Vietnam, which visa category is appropriate?

If you plan to conduct business and investment activities in Vietnam, you can apply for a 5-year DT visa (investors visas) in this case. Required documents are as follows:

  • Business/Investment certificate
  • Company seal certificate
  • NA 16 form for seal registration and the director sign.
  • NA5 form for visa request
  • A valid passport
  • Temporary stay permit registration form

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