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A complete guide for visa to Vietnam including visa on arrival, e-visa, visa extensions and renewal, visa fee and processing time.

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Applying for a Visa on Arrival to Vietnam

We have listed the most frequent mistakes our customers have made when applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam to help you avoid.

6 Major Types of Vietnam Visa

Understanding types of Vietnam visas is crucial if you are planning to enter the country. Considering your purpose, the desired length of your trip and the requirements of these following 6 most common types of Vietnam visas, you will find out the one to apply for and how to get your visa issued.

Changing Type of Visa in Vietnam

In many cases, individuals who enter Vietnam on a tourist visa later choose to switch their visa to a different type, such as a work visa, business visa, or investor visa.

Download Visa Application Form

Instructions on how to download and fill out the M3 entry/exit form for visa on arrival requirements at Vietnam airport. This Web site contains PDF documents that require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

First timer's guide to Vietnam

Vietnam is a small and, until recently, relatively unvisited country in Southeast Asia, surrounded by several mountain ranges to the west and sparkling ocean to the east.

Hanoi Airport Map

Hanoi airport map with Immigration & Visa Counter where you pick up your visa on arrival.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Map

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) map with immigration & visa Counter where you pick up your visa on arrival.

How to Apply for a Student Visa to Study in Vietnam

Vietnam is not only famous for its beautiful landscape, and friendly and easy-going people, but also an attractive land appealing to a lot of foreign investors, workers who are looking for job opportunities, and especially students who crave a good and safe studying environment.

How to Apply for a Vietnam 5 Year Visa Exemption

Procedures, fees, and instructions on how to apply for the longest 5-year visa exemption for Vietnam.

How to Apply for a Vietnam Exit Visa

A standard visa allows foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam. So, why and when do you need an exit visa? Let’s take a closer look at the Vietnam exit visa in this post!

How to extend and renew your visa in Vietnam

During your trip to Vietnam, if you want to stay longer than the visa period, you need to either exit and return to Vietnam or do a visa extension without leaving the country. Most travelers prefer visa extension thanks to the time-saving and cost-saving advantages.

How To Get A Last Minute Vietnam Visa

Do you have last minute plans to visit Vietnam? In nearly all cases, you will need a visa for Vietnam.

How to get a Vietnam visa after working hours

Information on how to obtain a visa for Vietnam outside of regular business hours.

How To Get A Vietnam Visa For Land/Border Crossing

Since 2018, many international border gates in Vietnam have been authorized to issue electronic visas (E-visa) for foreign nationals.

How to get a Vietnam visa on Weekend

Is it possible to get a Vietnam visa on very short notice over a weekend? The answer is that it is possible, however it's more expensive than what you need to pay on week days. If you are in need of a visa for your last minute trip, here is some important information for getting your visa as quickly as possible on Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays.

How to Get a Visa for Vietnam Cambodia Border Crossing

According to statistics, in 2022 Vietnam welcomed approximately 140,461 visitors from Cambodia, with a significant number of them entering through the border crossings by road.

How to get a visa to Vietnam

While most nationalities require a visa to visit Vietnam, obtaining a tourist visa is relatively easy for many. The e-Visa option is available to citizens of 80 countries, including those from most EU nations, the UK, the US, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as various countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. To obtain an e-Visa, one can apply through a user-friendly online form before traveling.

Is Vietnam safe to travel? 12 things you should know when you visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a long-stretching, beautiful, historically and culturally rich and amazing country, and there are a few things that every person should know before they pack their bags and head to Vietnam.

Living In Vietnam: A Guide To Moving To Vietnam As An Expat

Are you considering living in Vietnam? As of 2022, there were around 100,000 migrants living in Vietnam, which accounts for ~1% of the total population (99,200,000).

Overstay Vietnam Visa

Overstaying a Vietnam visa refers to the situation where a foreign national remains in Vietnam after the expiration date of their visa. The visa expiration date is the last day that the individual is allowed to stay in the country legally, and if they remain after this date, they are considered to have overstayed their visa.

Understanding Vietnam visa entry / exit date and validity period

The visa exit date is the date by which you must leave Vietnam. For an e-visa, it is normally 30 days from the date of entry stated on the e-visa.

Vietnam 1 Year Visa for US Passport Holders

U.S citizens are eligible to apply for a 1-year multiple-entry visa with a maximum stay of 90 days for each entry. However, as of 2023, this type of visa is currently unavailable.

Vietnam 3 Month Visa / E-visa for Tourist and Business

A 3-month single entry visa permits only a single entry into Vietnam and its validity lasts for 90 days. Please be advised that if you leave the country during this period, the visa will become invalid. If you wish to stay in Vietnam beyond the 3-month validity, you will need to extend the visa. However, if you opt for a 3-month multiple entry visa, you will have the flexibility to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within the 3-month period, until the visa expires.

Vietnam 45 Day Visa Exemption

A new visa policy has been implemented, granting a 45-day visa exemption for visitors from 13 countries.

Vietnam Business Visa

When globalization plays a vital role in society nowadays, the expansion of trade and the promotion of commercial activities are always given top priority. Therefore, getting to know about the Vietnam Business Visa and how to apply for it is more and more concerning. Let’s take a dive into Vietnam Business Visa and related guidelines in this article.

Vietnam Emergency Visa

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and require your Vietnam visa urgently or need to enter Vietnam on a short notice, you can avail of the expedited visa service to accelerate your pending or new visa application.

Vietnamese Food: 23 Dishes You Must Try

Cuisine is among the top reasons for travelers worldwide to come to Vietnam. Vietnam's territory is divided into 3 regions North - Central - South, and the cuisine is also diverse and different from region to region. Therefore, any destination you land on, rest assured that Vietnamese cuisine will bring you new and unique flavors.

Vietnamese New Year: Tet Holiday Dates, Animals, Food, and Traditions

Tet or Tet Nguyen Dan is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, celebrating the Lunar New Year with family, traditions, and festivities.

Vietnam E-Visa

The Vietnam e-visa is an electronic document that allows citizens of all countries and territories to enter Vietnam for a certain period of time. The e-visa can be applied through an online application on the government's official website. It allows for both single and multiple entries and permits a stay of up to 90 days in Vietnam.

Vietnam Evisa Eligible Countries

The government has issued Resolution No. 127 regarding the application of electronic visas that will grant e-visa to citizens of all countries and territories entering Vietnam, starting from August 15th.

Vietnam e-visa fees

Currently, the most cost-effective way to obtain a visa for Vietnam is through the e-visa application process. For a 30-day, single-entry visa, the current government fee is $25 USD.

Vietnam Evisa Ports of Entry and Checkpoints

Vietnam e-visa is currently accepted at 42 international checkpoints including airports, seaports and land border gates. Below you will find a list of eligible ports of entry with map and detailed guide.

Vietnam eVisa Processing Time

E-visa is an electronic document that allows visitors to enter Vietnam for a period of 90 days, single/multiple entry. This type of visa is a convenient and efficient way for travelers to obtain a visa for their trips to Vietnam.

Vietnam Investor Visa

The Vietnam investment visa is a type of visa that allows people to enter and stay in Vietnam for the purpose of investing in or establishing a business.

Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple entry visa for Vietnam allows the holder to enter and exit Vietnam for a unlimited number of times within a given period of time, usually up to 1 year. This type of visa is useful for people who need to travel to Vietnam frequently for business, tourism, or other purposes. With this type of visa, you can visit Vietnam as many times as you want during the validity period of your visa. This means you don't have to apply for a new visa every time you enter the country, which can save time and money.

Vietnam Public Holidays

There are 6 major public holidays in Vietnam in which some holidays are calculated on a Gregorian calendar and some are on Lunar Calendar. As a result, the date and duration of holidays may vary each year.

Vietnam Temporary Resident Card

Foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam for working or studying for a long time should know about a Temporary Resident Card to avoid wasting time and money in applying for a new visa or extending a visa. So, let’s learn about Vietnam Resident Cards in this article!

Vietnam Tourist Visa

Traveling to Vietnam is becoming easier thanks to simplified procedures. As for now, Vietnam is supporting passport holders from 25 countries in the world to enter and stay in Vietnam without a tourist visa for a certain period of time. However, many travelers still need to apply for this visa when coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam Transit Visa

A Vietnam transit visa is a visa that permits travelers to pass through Vietnam on their way to another destination.

Vietnam Visa Cost 2024

How much does a visa on arrival cost? You can use our calculator tool below to estimate the visa on arrival fee for Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Exemption

As of 2024, citizens of 25 countries can travel to Vietnam without having to apply for a visa. To enter Vietnam, you only need a valid passport with at least two blank pages for stamping. You can find the full list of visa-free countries below. However, if your country is not on the visa exemption list, then you will need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa For Cruise Ship Passengers

About 58,000 cruise passengers from America, Australia, Europe and Asia visited Vietnam in 2017. Cruise passengers visiting Vietnam are now granted a loose-leaf visa upon arriving at a Vietnam sea port. The application fee for this visa ranges from US $25 to US $80 depending on the cruise operators you are traveling with.

Vietnam Visa News: Policy Changes and Updates 2024

Stay up to date with the latest Vietnam visa news on our dedicated page. We offer timely updates on visa regulations, policy changes, and important announcements affecting travelers to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Visa on arrival is a process of obtaining an approval letter from a travel agency in Vietnam to get the visa stamped at an international airport in Vietnam upon arrival. As of now, visa on arrival is applicable only to those traveling in EMERGENCY situations.

Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam evisa: Which one should you choose?

When planning a trip to Vietnam, there are two main options for obtaining a visa - Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) and Vietnam eVisa. Understanding the difference between these two options is important to ensure a hassle-free experience when entering the country.

Vietnam Visa Photo Guidelines

Having a correct photo is important when applying for a Vietnamese visa. While the photo requirements may not be as complicated as other documents, it's essential not to be careless because using unqualified photos can result in visa application rejection.

Vietnam Visa Requirements

There is a common, and short, checklist of what you need in order to apply for a Vietnam visa. This list applies for all passport-holders whose countries do not have visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. If you apply for special visa type (other than the tourist visa), additional documents may be required.

Vietnam Visa Run: The Complete Guide

Due to some reasons, foreigners do not want or cannot extend their visa but want to continue their stay in Vietnam. Then, a visa run is one of the most optimized solutions. Visa run is necessary to know, especially for those who intend to stay long in Vietnam.

Vietnam Work Permit

In order to work in Vietnam, foreigners need to have a work permit. A Vietnam work permit is also one of the most important documents for foreigners to get a work visa or a temporary residence card in Vietnam.

Wait time for Vietnam visa on arrival: How long does it actually takes?

The wait time at Vietnam airport for visa on arrival depends largely on the numbers of arrivals and time of arrival. Some airports are very busy during peak hours, some are less busy, lets take a look on our wait time comparison chart below.

What is the fastest way to get a Vietnam visa?

There at least three options to apply for a visa to Vietnam. However, visa on arrival seems to be the quickest and easiest way as it only takes 2 hours or less to receive the approval letter by email.

Which countries are eligible for the Vietnam visa on arrival?

As of 2023, more than 150 countries are included in the visa on arrival eligibility list. If you plan to visit Vietnam for holiday or business trip, you should certainly look into applying for a visa on arrival.

Who are eligible for the overseas Vietnamese visa exemption?

A 5-year visa exemption certificate is one of the longest long-term immigration documents in Vietnam.

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