How to get a visa to Vietnam

Before you apply

Please make sure you prepare the following documents for your visa application process:

  • Your original passport(must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in Vietnam)
  • Two (02) passport size ID photos: 4x6cm or 2x2 inches
  • Visa application forms (NA2 form for visa application at the embassy, Entry/exit form for visa on arrival)

1. Apply for your visa through the local embassy

The process of getting a business visa or a tourist visa is generally the same. Most tourists get their visa through a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate office in their country of residence or in their travel country before entering Vietnam.

For a tourist visa, you will need to submit:

  • Application form:  You can complete the form online ( or download the PDF file and fill it out.  
  • Original passport: Must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry: If you request a loose-leaf visa, a copy of your passport is sufficient.
  • 01 passport-sized photo with no glass wears. 01 additional photo is needed in case you apply for a loose-leaf visa.
  • Visa fees: Must be money order, or cashier’s check, or company check. Cash is accepted if you send in your application in person. The fee will depend on the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Mail Service: Prepaid self-addressed return envelope is required if you want to have the passport returned by post (FedEx and USPS is recommended).

The form and the fee can vary by country, so please check directly the Vietnamese embassy or consulate to which you are applying.

A business visa usually also requires a letter of support from your sponsor agency or company in Vietnam. In person, the process usually takes 7-10 working days, and by mail, the process usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the service you use, although times can vary considerably by embassy or consulate. If you are mailing, please note that you need to make arrangements to have your passport with visa returned to you.

2. Apply for a visa on arrival

Another option to obtain a visa is to apply for an approval letter online to pick up the visa upon landing at international airports in Vietnam. Here are the steps involved in this process:

  • Submit an online form for the pre-approved visa letter.
  • Receive the visa letter in 3-5 working days (in Emergency Cases, it can be processed in just 2-3 HOURS)
  • Prepare all documents, required stamping fee, board the plane to Vietnam and get the visa stamped on passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Notes: visa on arrival is applicable to air travel only.

3. Apply through a local travel agency

Another option is to contact the local travel company who operates your tour programs in Vietnam for visa arrangements. If you are a cruise ship passenger, you can contact the cruise operator for advice.

Detailed guide for country

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a visa to travel overland from Cambodia to Vietnam?

There are two options for you to get a visa for overland travel:

I am a cruise passenger, how can I get a visa?

You can ask the cruise operator to arrange the visa for your entry. As of 2018, the entry visa fee for cruise passengers is $5 US per person.

How fast can I get a visa for Vietnam?

The fastest way to get a visa to Vietnam visa is to apply for visa on arrival. A pre-approved visa letter can be processed in less than 2 hours for emergency processing and it is also possible to receive it on weekend.

Contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact support if you already submitted your visa application on our website.

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