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Instructions on how to download and fill out the M3 entry/exit form for visa on arrival requirements at Vietnam airport. This Web site contains PDF documents that require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Download the Entry/Exit form to save your time at the Vietnam airport, you can download and fill in this form in advance. Photos and signatures are required.

How to fill in the On Arrival Form (Entry/Exit Form)

  • Question 6:  Kind of passport - please fill in with your type of passport (regular or diplomatic)?
  • Question 10:  Name, address of the contact. relation, relatives to visit in Vietnam - if you stay at a hotel, please write the name of your hotel and its address.
  • Question 13:  Done at (completed at)  - Where did you fill out this form?
  • Children:  If you are travelling with children, you can use the same form. No separate form is required for children.
  • Any questions?:  We are always HAPPY to help you, so please contact us here.

See Also:  You can check out the information below for the detailed airport map where you will pick up your visa when you arrive.

Hanoi Airport Map - Hanoi airport visa-on-arrival counter.
Ho Chi Minh city airport map - Ho Chi Minh city airport visa-on-arrival counter.

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South Korea

Am a Malawian studying in South Korea and there will be a conference I will have to attend in Vietnam, I would like to inquire the process I should follow for a Visa issuance.

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maureen dempsey

So if i understand correctly. after 15 aug23 it is possible to get a 90 day visa. MY return ticket is 34 days after arrival.. BUT my passport must be valid for one year from date of entry?? or i just change ticket to 29 days and get 30 day visa, passpport will be still in date, ie 6 months .. for the sake of 4 days, please advise.

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@maureen dempsey, Your passport is required to be valid for 6 months from your date of exit. If your passport is still valid for 1 year from your date of entry, you will not have any problems entering Vietnam

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Jane Crespin
United States

My husband and I (US citizens) plan to travel to HCMC for a few days before flying to Siem Reap for a few days. After that, we plan to fly back to Danang Vietnam in order to spend a few days in Hoii An and Hue. Can we get a group multi-entry visa? Is it permissable for us each to get 2 single-entry visas, one for HCMC and one for Danang that are about 8-9 days apart all in the same month? I think eVisas would be best but is there a reason I should consider Visa on Arrival? Can you handle this for us?

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@Jane Crespin, Multiple entry visas may be available next month (July). Therefore, if your travel is not imminent, we advise you to wait until mid-July to decide whether to apply for a multiple entry visa (if available) or apply for two separate e-visas (not at the same time) for two entries.

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Frequently asked questions

1. I have a question about the on arrival form. When do I fill out this form?

We advise that you complete the form before you travel. It will save a lot of time when you arrive at Vietnam airport.

2. For Question #11 (Family Members) is this required only for family members traveling with us, or any family at all?

For question #11, please provide the details of your family members who are traveling with you. You can also leave it blank as the field is not mandatory.

Contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact support if you already submitted your visa application on our website.

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