Vietnam Visa Photo Guidelines

Having a correct photo is important when applying for a Vietnamese visa. While the photo requirements may not be as complicated as other documents, it's essential not to be careless because using unqualified photos can result in visa application rejection.

Do I need photo for Vietnam visa?

An ID photo is one of the mandatory documents for foreigner nationals applying for a Vietnamese visa. Like any other documents, if the photos do not comply exactly with the requirements of the Vietnam Immigration Department, it will not only waste your time but also affect your visa application and entry process.

Photo requirements in brief:

Embassy visa

  • 1 photo required (4x6cm)
  • 1 application form

E-visa application

  • 1 photo required (white background/recently taken)
  • Portrait photo (4x6cm)
  • Passport data page (clear and having personal bio information)

Visa on arrival

  • 2 photos required
  • No glass, white background
  • Recently taken (no longer than 6 months)

Photo for visa application at Vietnam embassy:

To apply for a visa at Vietnamese embassy or consulate, a minimum of one photo is required.

Sample photo


Embassy visa photo
  • 01 photo (4x6cm or 2x2inc)
  • White background

Photo for e-visa application

For e-visa application, two photos will be required:

Sample photos


Accepted photo for e-visa application
  • Portrait photos: 4x6cm
  • White background with no glasses
Accepted passport bio scan


  • Clear scan with personal bio data
  • ICAO lines must be readable

Photos for visa on arrival applications

To apply for a visa on arrival in Vietnam, you will need to bring two passport-sized photos with you to present upon your arrival at the airport.

Sample photo


Accepted photo for visa on arrival


  • Number of photos: 02
  • Size: 4x6cm and 2x2in
  • Recently taken, no glasses, not hats

What are photos for?

For all kinds of visas, no matter whether to Vietnam or other nations, photos are compulsory. Depending on the visa application method, you will be required to prepare 01 or 02 photos.

For a traditional visa at Embassy/Consulate, a photo is needed to attach on the visa application form for identification. For visa on arrival, you need to prepare at least 02 photos of which 01 is on the visa application form and 01 is for the presentation at the airport if needed.

Acceptable photos

Vietnam visa application photo guidelines (Photo: Shutterstock)

As for visa on arrival, here are regulations for visa photos you need to follow:

  • 02 photos in passport size (4x6 cm).
  • Photos must be the same, taken within 6 months.
  • Color photos, printed on photo paper, white or light color background.
  • Photos must show the entire face.
  • Size from the photo's top edge to the applicant's top head in the photo is 0.6 cm, and from the top head to the chin is 3.6 cm.
  • Applicants wear casual clothes, no uniform, no hats, and no head scarves unless it is a religious rule.
  • Applicants must not wear sunglasses or tinted lenses other than prescription glasses unless for health reasons. Applicants must present a medical certificate explaining the wearing of these glasses when taking photos.

Questions and Answers (08)

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Canada on November 28, 2023

As I am going december 4 from Montréal trough transit in Paris arriving in Ho Chi Minh in december 6...Am I better to ask to receive my visa or demand my visa when I arrived? If it's more secure can I ask an agency to make a letter of welcome to me to process the visa when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh? Do you do that case how can you do that for me...if you do that....and what is the cost....if you don't do that...can you refer me to an agency that you trust and that make it at reasonnable cost?

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carla winston
United States on October 02, 2023

I am a US citizen coming from Singapore on tourist visitor. Can I do an e visa to enter Vietnam. Do I need to bring passport photos or can I upload photos from my phone to the evisa application site?

Your Reply
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A Lan Answered on October 02, 2023

@carla winston, Yes, you can apply for an e-visa, and you can use photos from your phone. There's no need to bring a photo to the Vietnam airport.

5 people found this helpful
United States on August 30, 2023

4x6 cm does not work when uploading. what should I do?

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A Lan Answered on August 31, 2023

@Timothy, Maybe your photos are too large, and the images should be below 2M in size.

3 people found this helpful
Canada on August 28, 2023

Does it have to be an official passport photo from an agency or can I take the photo myself?

Your Reply
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A Lan Answered on August 28, 2023

@Lisa, You can take a photo yourself, but please make sure, the photo meets these requirements:

  • Size:4x6cm
  • Looking straight and without glasses.


5 people found this helpful
Willy W
Canada on July 10, 2023

For E-Visa, because we need to upload the photos, which means we don't need a hard copy, there won't be any photo sizes, so 4x6cm is not relevant?

Your Reply
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A Lina Tran Answered on July 10, 2023

@Willy W, Yes, please make sure your photos are of high quality, recently taken, and have a white background.

6 people found this helpful
Kriti M
India on June 01, 2023

What about E-visa? Do they accept uploaded photos that are not 4*6cm?

Your Reply
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A Lina Tran Answered on June 01, 2023

@Kriti M, Please follow the exact guidelines on the official website to avoid having your application declined.

  • Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
4 people found this helpful
Audrey Sibbald
United States on April 24, 2023

We have received and printed the Approval Letter, and the "on arrival" form. We also had our passport pictures taken: " photos of 4cm*6cm" Do we attach one picture to the "on arrival" form? The picture location on the first page of the form does not look as large as the passport picture. The picture will overlap onto Point 1 - Full Name.... I have checked to make sure the passport picture is the correct size.

Your Reply
No more than 2,000 characters, please.
A Lina Tran Answered on April 24, 2023

@Audrey Sibbald, That is fine, just attach the photo on the first page of the form. There is no problem if the photos are larger than the form photo box.

2 people found this helpful
Valters Apfelbaums
Latvia on April 24, 2023

I have made two photos for visa application, however, they are 3,5cm x 5cm. is it ok, or do i have to make another photos that would be 2x2 inches? Also, where exactly i can find on arrival form? is it distributed in the flight?

Your Reply
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A Lina Tran Answered on April 24, 2023

@Valters Apfelbaums, In some urgent cases, 3,5cm x 5cm photos are also accepted, therefore you do not have to take new photos. Regarding the entry exit form, you can download it here and fill it out before you fly.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use photos taken a year ago?

No. Photos must be taken within 6 months to guarantee the most updated appearance of the applicants.

2. In case I do not have a 4x6cm photo, can I use a 3x4 cm instead?

No. A passport-size photo is compulsory for visa application. The standard size of passport photos in Vietnam is 4x6cm. Hence, if you only have a 3x4 cm photo, you must take another one for the application. There is usually a photo booth at the Embassy/Consulate or airport for a charged service in case of emergency.

3. If I always wear wigs, do I have to take them off?

No. If you always wear wigs, you can take the visa photo with them.

4. Is this requirement applied to everyone, both adults and children?

Yes. These photo requirements are applied to all citizens traveling to Vietnam, both adults and children. For children, make sure the photo shows the entire face of the baby, with no other person or baby items included.

5. How many photos do I have to prepare?

You have to prepare at least 01 photo if applying for a visa at the embassy and at least 2 photos if applying for a visa on arrival. Photos will be pasted on the submitted visa application form.

6. Do children also need a visa photo?

Yes, children also need to provide photos when applying for visas, and they must meet the same requirements as adults.

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