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Vietnam Embassy in Canada

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Vietnam in Canada with phone numbers, addresses and other contact information.

Map of Vietnam embassy and consulate in Canada
  • 55 Mackay Street, Ottawa, K1M 2B2, Canada
  • Phone: (613) 236 0772
  • Working hours: Close now
    (Open in 3 hours 8 minutes)
  • #800-605 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B5J3, Canada
  • Phone: +1 604-629-0189
  • Working hours: Close now
    (Open in 6 hours 8 minutes)

How to apply

There are three ways available for travelers from Canada to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

Visa types for Canadian passports

Visa on arrival for CA citizens Yes
E-visa Yes
Visa price 65 CAD
Processing time Standard processing (5-7 working days) (06:30 July, 23 2024, Ottawa time)

Canada upcoming holidays

The Vietnamese embassy in Canada may be closed on the following public holidays:

Holidays 2024 2025 2026
New Year's Day Monday, January 01
(Occurred 6 months, 1 week ago)
Wednesday, January 01
(5 months, 3 weeks)
Thursday, January 01
(1 year, 5 months)
Good Friday Friday, March 29
(Occurred 3 months, 2 weeks ago)
Friday, April 18
(9 months, 1 week)
Friday, April 03
(1 year, 8 months)
Easter Monday Monday, April 01
(Occurred 3 months, 1 week ago)
Monday, April 21
(9 months, 1 week)
Monday, April 06
(1 year, 8 months)
Victoria Day Monday, May 20
(Occurred 1 month, 3 weeks ago)
Monday, May 19
(10 months, 1 week)
Monday, May 18
(1 year, 10 months)
Canada Day Monday, July 01
(Occurred 1 week, 4 days ago)
Tuesday, July 01
(11 months, 3 weeks)
Wednesday, July 01
(1 year, 11 months)
Labour Day Monday, September 02
(1 month, 3 weeks)
Monday, September 01
(1 year, 1 month)
Monday, September 07
(2 years, 1 month)
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 14
(3 months)
Monday, October 13
(1 year, 3 months)
Monday, October 12
(2 years, 3 months)
Remembrance Day Monday, November 11
(4 months)
Tuesday, November 11
(1 year, 4 months)
Wednesday, November 11
(2 years, 4 months)
Christmas Day Wednesday, December 25
(5 months, 2 weeks)
Thursday, December 25
(1 year, 5 months)
Friday, December 25
(2 years, 5 months)
Boxing Day Thursday, December 26
(5 months, 2 weeks)
Friday, December 26
(1 year, 5 months)
Saturday, December 26
(2 years, 5 months)

Useful information

Handy information for visitors traveling from Canada to Vietnam.

Travel information

Canada Vietnam Difference
Current time 04:52 12 July, 2024 (Ottawa) 16:52 12 July, 2024 (Hanoi) -12 hours
Current weather 25°C ~ 77°F (Newfoundland) 33°C ~ 91°F (Hanoi) -8°C (0°F)
Travel time Ottawa Hanoi 13 hours 19 minutes
Population 37,742,154 97,338,579 59,596,425

Distance and travel time

City Hanoi Ho Chi Minh city Da Nang
Winnipeg 11825km (7348mi) 12892km (7348mi) 12289km (7348mi)
Kitchener 12832km (7974mi) 13951km (7974mi) 13356km (7974mi)
Prince George 10491km (6519mi) 11464km (6519mi) 10873km (6519mi)
Fredericton 12545km (7795mi) 13682km (7795mi) 13118km (7795mi)
Leamington 12963km (8055mi) 14075km (8055mi) 13476km (8055mi)
Victoria 10895km (6770mi) 11820km (6770mi) 11240km (6770mi)
Ontario 12371km (7687mi) 13194km (7687mi) 12646km (7687mi)
Halifax 12648km (7859mi) 13782km (7859mi) 13229km (7859mi)
Nova Scotia 12648km (7859mi) 13783km (7859mi) 13230km (7859mi)
Moncton 12508km (7772mi) 13644km (7772mi) 13086km (7772mi)
Sarnia 12864km (7994mi) 13977km (7994mi) 13380km (7994mi)
Toronto 12810km (7960mi) 13932km (7960mi) 13338km (7960mi)
Guelph 12824km (7968mi) 13944km (7968mi) 13349km (7968mi)
Prince Rupert 10096km (6273mi) 11042km (6273mi) 10456km (6273mi)
Newfoundland 11632km (7228mi) 12763km (7228mi) 12220km (7228mi)
Saint John 12613km (7837mi) 13749km (7837mi) 13188km (7837mi)
Sudbury 12492km (7762mi) 13611km (7762mi) 13016km (7762mi)
St. Johns 12109km (7524mi) 13225km (7524mi) 12708km (7524mi)
Quebec 12482km (7756mi) 13617km (7756mi) 13041km (7756mi)
Vancouver 10843km (6737mi) 11775km (6737mi) 11193km (6737mi)
Gimli 11750km (7301mi) 12819km (7301mi) 12216km (7301mi)
Ottawa 12642km (7855mi) 13773km (7855mi) 13186km (7855mi)
Thunder Bay 12168km (7561mi) 13263km (7561mi) 12661km (7561mi)
Calgary 11115km (6906mi) 12107km (6906mi) 11512km (6906mi)
Sault Sainte Marie 12453km (7738mi) 13563km (7738mi) 12964km (7738mi)
Manitoba 11385km (7074mi) 12456km (7074mi) 11853km (7074mi)
Caraquet 12324km (7658mi) 13460km (7658mi) 12901km (7658mi)
Timmins 12271km (7625mi) 13391km (7625mi) 12796km (7625mi)
Saskatoon 11309km (7027mi) 12341km (7027mi) 11741km (7027mi)
Niagara Falls 12883km (8005mi) 14006km (8005mi) 13413km (8005mi)

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Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any Vietnamese embassies or consulates in Canada?

Yes, Vietnam has diplomatic missions in Canada:

  • Ottawa (Embassy)
  • Vancouver (Consulate General)

2. Is the embassy of Vietnam in Canada currently open?

Please see the below for the current operating hours of each location:

  • Ottawa (Closed at the moment, but will open in 3 hours 8 minutes.)
  • Vancouver (Closed at the moment, but will open in 6 hours 8 minutes.)

Contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact support if you already submitted your visa application on our website.

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