How to get Vietnam visa in Budapest

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam from Budapest, here is the detailed information on how to apply for a tourist/business visa for Vietnam.

This how to guide is for:

  • Hungary passport holders living in Budapest
  • Foreign passports currently residing in Budapest

There are two options for travellers to apply for a visa to Vietnam in Budapest:

1 - Visa at local Embassy

  • Address: 1062 Déhibáb, U.29, Budapest, Hungary
  • Phone: (+36) 1 342 5583 / 9922 (Verified as of February 2023)
  • Fax: (+36) 1 352 8798
  • Email: /
  • Website:

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2 - Visa on arrival from Budapest

Visa on arrival is available for those who fly from Budapest to Vietnam, below are the three simple steps:

  • Apply online using our secure form.
  • Receive the visa approval letter in 3-5 working days.
  • Print the document, board the plane to Vietnam and pick up the visa stamp upon arrival. That it is!

For detailed information about visa on arrival, please click here!

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