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Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Vietnam in Venezuela with phone numbers, addresses and other contact information.

Map of Vietnam embassy and consulate in Venezuela
  • Quinta El Cigarral, 6Ta Avenida, Entre 8Va Y 9Na Transversal Altamira, Chacao 1060-025 D.F, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Phone: +58 212 635 7402​
  • Working hours: Close now
    (Open in 3 hours 15 minutes)

How to apply

There are three ways available for travelers from Venezuela to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

Visa types for Venezuelan passports

Visa on arrival for VE citizens Yes
E-visa Yes
Visa price 235,204,019 VEF
Processing time Urgent 2 Working Days (Mon-Fri) (03:30 April, 29 2024, Caracas time)

Venezuela upcoming holidays

The Vietnamese embassy in Venezuela may be closed on the following public holidays:

Holidays 2024 2025 2026
New Year's Day Monday, January 01
(Occurred 3 months, 3 weeks ago)
Wednesday, January 01
(8 months, 1 week)
Thursday, January 01
(1 year, 8 months)
Carnival / Shrove Monday Monday, February 12
(Occurred 2 months, 1 week ago)
Monday, March 03
(10 months, 1 week)
Monday, February 16
(1 year, 9 months)
Carnival / Shrove Tuesday Tuesday, February 13
(Occurred 2 months, 1 week ago)
Tuesday, March 04
(10 months, 1 week)
Tuesday, February 17
(1 year, 9 months)
Maundy Thursday Thursday, March 28
(Occurred 3 weeks, 6 days ago)
Thursday, April 17
(11 months, 3 weeks)
Thursday, April 02
(1 year, 11 months)
Good Friday Friday, March 29
(Occurred 3 weeks, 5 days ago)
Friday, April 18
(11 months, 4 weeks)
Friday, April 03
(1 year, 11 months)
Declaration of Independence Friday, April 19
(Occurred 5 days, 5 hours ago)
Saturday, April 19
(11 months, 4 weeks)
Sunday, April 19
(1 year, 11 months)
Labor Day / May Day Wednesday, May 01
(6 days, 18 hours)
Thursday, May 01
(1 year)
Friday, May 01
(2 years)
Carabobo Battle Monday, June 24
(2 months)
Tuesday, June 24
(1 year, 2 months)
Wednesday, June 24
(2 years, 2 months)
Independence Day Friday, July 05
(2 months, 1 week)
Saturday, July 05
(1 year, 2 months)
Sunday, July 05
(2 years, 2 months)
Simón Bolívar's Birthday Wednesday, July 24
(3 months)
Thursday, July 24
(1 year, 3 months)
Friday, July 24
(2 years, 3 months)
Indigenous Resistance's Day Saturday, October 12
(5 months, 2 weeks)
Sunday, October 12
(1 year, 5 months)
Monday, October 12
(2 years, 5 months)
All Saints Day Friday, November 01
(6 months, 1 week)
Saturday, November 01
(1 year, 6 months)
Sunday, November 01
(2 years, 6 months)
Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 24
(8 months)
Wednesday, December 24
(1 year, 8 months)
Thursday, December 24
(2 years, 8 months)
Christmas Day Wednesday, December 25
(8 months)
Thursday, December 25
(1 year, 8 months)
Friday, December 25
(2 years, 8 months)
New Year's Eve Tuesday, December 31
(8 months, 1 week)
Wednesday, December 31
(1 year, 8 months)
Thursday, December 31
(2 years, 8 months)

Useful information

Handy information for visitors traveling from Venezuela to Vietnam.

Travel information

Venezuela Vietnam Difference
Current time 05:45 24 April, 2024 (Caracas) 16:45 24 April, 2024 (Hanoi) -11 hours
Current weather 33°C ~ 91°F (Puerto Ayacucho) 26°C ~ 79°F (Hanoi) 7°C (0°F)
Travel time Caracas Hanoi 20 hours 18 minutes
Population 28,435,940 97,338,579 68,902,639

Distance and travel time

City Hanoi Ho Chi Minh city Da Nang
Puerto la Cruz 16394km (10186mi) 17491km (10186mi) 16995km (10186mi)
Maturin 16394km (10187mi) 17472km (10187mi) 16999km (10187mi)
Coro 16379km (10177mi) 17513km (10177mi) 16957km (10177mi)
Puerto Ordaz 16532km (10273mi) 17597km (10273mi) 17139km (10273mi)
Los Teques 16445km (10218mi) 17564km (10218mi) 17038km (10218mi)
Barquisimeto 16522km (10266mi) 17654km (10266mi) 17103km (10266mi)
Matanzas 15062km (9359mi) 16157km (9359mi) 15554km (9359mi)
Valera 16621km (10328mi) 17756km (10328mi) 17194km (10328mi)
San Juan de Los Morros 16499km (10252mi) 17619km (10252mi) 17091km (10252mi)
Barinas 16694km (10373mi) 17828km (10373mi) 17270km (10373mi)
Stan Zulia 16529km (10271mi) 17666km (10271mi) 17090km (10271mi)
Maracay 16469km (10233mi) 17591km (10233mi) 17059km (10233mi)
Cumana 16355km (10163mi) 17449km (10163mi) 16958km (10163mi)
San Fernando de Atabapo 17141km (10651mi) 18250km (10651mi) 17737km (10651mi)
Ciudad Guayana 16520km (10265mi) 17583km (10265mi) 17126km (10265mi)
Santa Elena de Uairen 16834km (10460mi) 17838km (10460mi) 17440km (10460mi)
San Antonio del Tachira 16804km (10442mi) 17941km (10442mi) 17363km (10442mi)
El Amparo 16867km (10481mi) 18002km (10481mi) 17440km (10481mi)
Porlamar 16291km (10123mi) 17383km (10123mi) 16894km (10123mi)
San Carlos del Zulia 16670km (10358mi) 17807km (10358mi) 17233km (10358mi)
Puerto Ayacucho 16971km (10545mi) 18084km (10545mi) 17566km (10545mi)
Ciudad Ojeda 16530km (10271mi) 17667km (10271mi) 17097km (10271mi)
Punto Fijo 16353km (10161mi) 17488km (10161mi) 16927km (10161mi)
Valencia 16489km (10246mi) 17614km (10246mi) 17077km (10246mi)
Machiques 16557km (10288mi) 17694km (10288mi) 17115km (10288mi)
Caracas 16426km (10207mi) 17544km (10207mi) 17019km (10207mi)
Puerto Cabello 16454km (10224mi) 17580km (10224mi) 17041km (10224mi)
Acarigua 16572km (10297mi) 17703km (10297mi) 17154km (10297mi)
La Guaira 16415km (10200mi) 17534km (10200mi) 17009km (10200mi)
Cabimas 16513km (10261mi) 17650km (10261mi) 17080km (10261mi)

Cities in Venezuela

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Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any Vietnamese embassies or consulates in Venezuela?

Yes, Vietnam has diplomatic missions in Venezuela:

  • Caracas (Embassy)

2. Is the embassy of Vietnam in Venezuela currently open?

Please see the below for the current operating hours of each location:

  • Caracas (Closed at the moment, but will open in 3 hours 15 minutes.)

Contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact support if you already submitted your visa application on our website.

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