How To Get A Last Minute Vietnam Visa Online?


I am an Indian passport holder residing in Singapore with a PR card and I am due to traveling to Ho Chi Minh city tomorrow morning, how can I get a last-minute visa for Vietnam in such short notice? (Prabal Lakhanpal, India)


Hello Prabal,

It may take 3-5 working days to apply for an e-visa or a visa at the embassy, therefore, visa on arrival is the only option to get your emergency visa for Vietnam because it only takes 1-2 working hours to receive an approval letter by email to board the plane and receive the visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam airport. Please follow our guides for more information:

Note: Please bear the time difference between Vietnam and Singapore (Vietnam is 1 hour behind Singapore)

We hope that it helps!

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We are looking forward to coming to  Vietnam starting this Sunday. Everything is set, but we had a little problem getting the passport for our three month old baby, Elena Sosa.  The passport will definitely be issued today (Thursday), but we will hardly have time to get her the required visa.  Can you help get an expedited visa (visa on entry or e-visa) for Elena or direct us to someone who can? We can have the passport information to you very early this Friday morning your time. Marie , Elena's mom, may need help getting a visa on entry too. Her e-visa hasn't arrived even though she applied at the same time as the rest of our group- I think payment is delayed at her bank and that is holding up the whole process. I am Marie's mother and we will be traveling as a family of four (five if you count the baby). The rest of us received our e-visa already.

I appreciate any help or guidance you can give us.

Donna Mallet


Hello Donna,

There are still plenty of time ahead to arrange a visa on time for your travel on Sunday. If you submit your application before 2:00 PM on Friday, we are able to send you the approval letter by 4:00 PM same day Friday. Please click here for our online application form and notify us once it is done so we can prioritize your request.

Thank you,

Is a visa on arrival needed for a connecting flight from Siem Reap to Taipei in Saigon



I used your service a few weeks ago to successfully travel from Bangkok to Hanoi - I purchased a 30 day single entry visa. I traveled through Vietnam and have booked a flight from HCMC to Taipei on June 20th at 11 pm. 

Last minute, I've decided to take a trip from Saigon to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. I will exit Vietnam tomorrow and head towards Siem Reap for a few days. From Siem Reap, I will fly back to Saigon airport on June 20th morning and from there I will fly to Taipei a few hours later. I will not exit the airport but will need to grab my luggage. 

Do I need a second visa on arrival form? Do I need to file an E-visa in advance?

Thank you,



Dear Ethan,

Thank you for your question.

If you do not leave the airport and just stay within the transit area, you do not need a visa or fill out any visa application form. However, we advise that you also double check with your airline to make sure that they will allow you to board the plane to Vietnam for your onward flight to Taipei.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Last minute visa


Hi there, 

Im planning on going to Vietnam from Thailand (leaving for Thailand on the 27th) on the 1st. 
Because of the recent media news about visa’s not being needed for UK citizens I haven’t bothered to get one however i have heard the verdict wont be made until the 1st of July.
What would be your advise on this? Should I quickly apply with you for the visa to pick up at the airport or do you think that i wont have enough time?
Just looking for some advice.

Josie Hills

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