How to get a Vietnam visa after working hours

Information on how to obtain a visa for Vietnam outside of regular business hours.

Is it possible?

Due to restrictions on visa on arrival since 2020, there are currently no alternative methods for applying for a visa to Vietnam outside of the normal working hours (8:00 am - 16:00 pm). However, in case of an emergency requiring a 2.5 hour e-visa, the application must be submitted before 16:30 pm to receive the visa within 2.5 hours or before 19:00 pm on the same day (Monday-Friday).

Many travelers plan a last-minute trip to Vietnam without having a visa!

When is the earliest possible?

If you submit your e-visa application after the regular business hours, the table below provides the earliest delivery time available.

Day of week

Earliest delivery time

After 16:30 on Monday

14:30 PM on Tuesday

After 16:30 on Tuesday

14:30 PM on Wednesday

After 16:30 on Wednesday

14:30 PM on Thursday

After 16:30 on Thursday

14:30 PM on Friday

After 16:30 on Friday

14:30 PM on next Monday

After 16:30 on Saturday

14:30 PM on next Monday

After 16:30 on Sunday

14:30 PM on next Monday

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Laura Bradley
United States

We applied for our visa back to Ho Chi Min City from Phuket Thailand last Wednesday and we have not received it. Our flight is tomorrow from Phuket HJT Wednesday at 14:10 Vietjet flight VJ808 arrive SGN 16:05. (See flight confirmation below) We need an 8 hour emergency visa today and can’t wait 8 hours to apply tomorrow or we will miss our flight.

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A Answered by Lina Tran

@Laura Bradley, It is still possible to expedite your pending e-visa before 12:00pm tomorrow Wednesday, please use this link to submit your application.

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