Do my children require an visa to Hanoi?

My wife and I have an APEC business card holders and are approved to Vietnam visa exempted . We would like to carry my children (one age 11 and one age 15) together for my next trip. Do they require to apply for entry visa ? Please advise, thank you very much. Regards, Suen

Thai visa

I m from Bosnia and last vacation I was on Thailand!!I m working in Asia so I will not be able to go every time in Bosnia to get visa!! Is it possible to get tour. visa for a year for a few entry,because I m able to go on vacatio every 4 months or If I m in Dubai where is the closest place to get visa and how many days I have to wait to get visa!!? Thank you

Filipina crossing border from China

Dear Sirs, in extension to my question that I placed yesterday: can my girlfriend from the Philippines cross the border also "via land", means from Nanning to Hanoi, without a visa? Thanks in advance and Best Regards, Ulf Dymke

Visa exemption for Norwegian citizen

Hei, I am a Norwegian citizen, and I have Norwegian passport. Will you please instruct me whether it is necessary to have a visa under a stay of within-14- days ( planned staying is from 29 january to 11 febuary -2010) in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. May be I have to leave Vietnam on 10/febuary-2010, to be within the 14 days visa-regulations. Looking forward to having an earlier instruction. Thanks for anticipation. Best regards Tommy

Visa exemption for Russian citizens

Hello, I'm a Russian citizen and intend to visit Vietnam for 7-8 days (less then 15), which means it's not necessary for me to acquire a visa. But I'm going to enter Vietnam not through the airport, but by ferry from China (Hainan Island). I'm concerned whether I might have problems in Halong on arrival because while in the airport the personnel usually know the visa requirements well - I an afraid the sea port staff might not be that familiar with the procedures. Another thig - do I have to show the ticket from Vietnam so they that let me in? Because I'm going to travel by Open tour bus system and in a week leave from Vietnam to Cambodia, so I won't have an airplane ticket as I'm leaving by bus. Thank you for your answer=)

Visa Exemption for overseas vietnamese

I believe that my family qualifies for a visa exeception since I am overseas vietnamese. I believe that I have all the necessary papaerwork required by the vietnamese government. How do I obtain an exemption certificate.? We are leaving for Vietnam in less than 4 weeks?

visa exemption for Danis and Thai citizens


I have try to make booking by your company, only for se have work. I have been lot around your website, and get good information.
My wife and me are on holiday in our house in Thailand, and speak about little trip to Vietnam.

My wife is Thai citizen and have Thai passport with permanent stay in Denmark, and I’m Danish citizen with Danish passport.
What I can see on Embassy website (Thai and Danish) are that Danish citizen can go in Vietnam 15 days and Thai citizen 30 days.
On your website I can understand, that if you have Approval Letter, it’s much more easy to go in Vietnam.

Then come my question:

Have fast can vi get this Approval Letter (belongs to your answer this mail, and have fast I can send our application) ?
Did I make application for each person, or can we be on the same?
On the simple form to fill out arriving airport in Ho Chi Minh, what means with:

Place of employment: my working place home? or hotel in Vietnam?
Present address: our home address? or address of hotel in Vietnam?

We have this week start 16.11.09 in Thailand, is it possible for us looking for at trip start in the morning on the of November with Approval Letter?

Best Regards
John Abrahamsen

Visa for overland travel from Cambodia

Hello. We are two norwegians who want to travel to vietnam. We will arrive overland from cambodia. What kind of Visa do we need? We want to stay 4 weeks. We now in Kuala Lumpur. Should we go to the Vietnamese embassy in KL? or is it possible to do it online? Thank you for you help. Tore and Marte

Wife Phil Passport & Husband US Passport

Good day! I am a Philippine passport holder under my married name. My husband holds a US passport. We plan to visit Vietnam in Jan. 2010 for 2-3 days only. I know Filipinos are visa exempt for 21 days. What about my husband?I read in the Vietnam Tourism site that spouses of those exempt are also exempt from applying for Vietnam visa if we stay less than 21 days. Can you please clarify. Thank you!

Exemption of VISA

Hi, Our company is organizing a group trip to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City). We will like to enquire whether our friends from People's Republic of China who are currently a Singapore PR need to apply for a VISA if they are going to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City).Are Singapore citizens also required to apply for any VISA for their trips to Ho Chi Ming city?Please advise. Thank you. Best regards, Adrian Soo Haw Hee Associate Agency Manager Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ Authorized Representative of American Home Assurance Company (AHAC) & American International Assurance Company, Limited (AIA) DID : 6373 5713/14 FAX : 6272 9967 HP : 9873 7660 EMAIL :