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Hello, We are Dutch citizens. We arrive in Hanoi with the plane. Then we want to travel further to Cambodia en Laos. Then we go by land back to Vietnam. In total we are staying in those three countries for 33 days. I know what kind of visa I need for Cambodia and Laos. But what do I need for Vietnam? And how can I arrange it? At first we arrive with plane in Hanoi and after 32 days we arrive in Vietnam over land.

Question by Randi
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Answer by Tran

Hello Randi,

Given the itinerary you have mentioned, you will need a 3 month multiple entry visa to cover your trip in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. There are two options to apply for your visa for Vietnam (e-visa does not work as your whole stay lasts for more than 30 days):

Please check out our "How to get a visa" section for more information.

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