Visa valid date problem

Hi, I live in Beijing, China and I have my visa to get into Vietnam, I have recently changed my visa valid date (which was originally valid from the 22nd of November and changed it to the 21st of November) the agency that I got the visa from said that they have sent a new copy of the corrected version to the airport and i will be able to tell them i changed it when i arrive in Vietnam, is there anyway i could double check that my valid date changed successfully in case there is a problem when i arrive? Thank you Molly

Question by Molly
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Answer by Tran

Hello Molly,

We believe there will be problem with your entry as the airline also checks the date on your visa before they allow you board the plane. If your visa still shows November 22, then you will be denied by the airline.

We advise that you contact the visa agency to correct the date of arrival on the visa letter to November 21 before your flight date.

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