Do I need to know the date I am flying? Does the visa approval letter expire?

For example, I have not bought my flight tickets yet but i think i will go in the next year. Is this possible, or does the approval letter require the date that I will land and depart from Vietnam? If my flight dates are not required, how long can I hold the approval letter until I get the visa stamp? Thank you!

Question by Mandy Jor
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Answer by Mai Nguyen

Hello Mandy Jor,

The exact date is not required, you can input with an estimated arrival date. However, please be advised that your visa approval letter is only valid for a month time from the date that you put on the form.

For example: You put the date of arrival as 20-April-2020, the approval letter will be valid to 20-May-2020. You can use this letter any time before 20-May.

I hope it helps!

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