Simple or multiple entry visa is needed if we start with changing airlines at Hanoi to Siem Reap and then coming back to Vietnam?

We are coming from Hungary with Emirates airlines to Noi Bai Hanoi airport and then changing to VietJet Air to fly to Siem Reap. Our question is that changing the airlines (and in the meantime some of us picking up luggages and check-in again) would mean leaving the transit zone and entering Vietnam so we would need visa? We will come back from Siem Reap and spend some time in Vietnam. In this case do we need multiple entry visa? Thank you very much for your reply in advance!

Question by Anita Fejes
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Answer by Mai Nguyen

Hello Anita,

As your flight to Noi Bai airport is for a transit to Cambodia, you do not need a visa for this entry. When you arrive at Noi Bai airport, just follow the sign to the transfer area. However,  we advise that you contact the airline to see if they will transfer the luggage automatically to your next Vietjet flight or you will need to exit the transfer area to collect your bags.

For your second entry to Vietnam from Cambodia, please take a look on our guide below for more information:

Vietnam visa for Hungarian passports

How to get a visa in Cambodia

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