Getting a Vietnam Visa by Land Entry in Cambodia in One Day

Does anyone know how long it might take to get a Vietnam visa for land entry at the Embassy in Cambodia? We are staying in Phnom Penh for one day. I was wondering if we arrived at the Embassy at opening hours on a Tuesday if our visa would be processed by closing time on the same day. Otherwise I need to take off work and go to the Embassy in Singapore and I am trying to avoid that. Also, does anyone know if I can apply for my partner's visa without him being present if I have to do this at the Embassy in Singapore? I would obviously have all his information... Thanks for your help, I really appreciate any advice! :)

Question by Christina
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Answer by Tran

Hello Christina,

It is easy to get a visa at the embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia, here below is the fee and processing time for a 30 day single entry visa (according to a Tripadvisor user):

  • 40 USD for 48 hour processing
  • 50 USD for 24 hour processing
  • Same day processing is available (Kindly contact the embassy for information)

You can also apply for your friends visa on his behalf, just make sure you have his original passport along with 2 passport size photos.

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