Business visa for UK citizen


I am writing to enquire about getting a 6-month to 1-year business visa for Vietnam to explore education industry opportunities.

We will be travelling from the UK to either HCMC or Hanoi in the next 2 months. We do not have work permits or an employer - I own my own education company focused on teacher training, and will be seeking to make relationships with schools, universities and MoET representatives while there.

Could you please confirm that this is possible through your agency, specifically:

6-month to 1-year multi-entry business visa on arrival for myself (UK citizen)

Dependent visas for my wife and son (also UK citizens)


6-month to 1-year business visa for my wife and dependent visa for my son (13 years old)

Supplying the necessary sponsorship invitation letter for use with the application.

Please confirm whether this is possible, and if so, the costs and timeline involved.

Thank you and kind regards,

Tom Garside

Question by Tom Garside
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Answer by Mai Nguyen

Hello Tom,

We are afraid that we are not able to help you with any longer term visa than 3 months, therefore, we would like to advise that you contact the embassy of Vietnam in London for assistance in this matter. Kindly check out our guide on how to get your visa in London:

Have a good day!

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