Vietnam Immigration Office Opening Hours

Hi Is it true that if my online visa is approved i can only travel from Mon to Friday as the immigration office is closed during the weekends? If so, what are their opening hours from Monday to Friday? Best Regards, Noreen Hassan

Question by Noreen Hassan
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Answer by Joanne

Hello there! I will be arriving late at night to Vietnam and was wondering how long of a wait to receive visa stamp and what's the process? Is it an easy process? I was advised to apply for visa through a travel agency as it takes approx 3 weeks. What's your thought on that?


Dear Joanne

No problem at all, the visa office at airport is 24/7 open, so you are welcome anytime. Please take a look on the page below for full visa-on-arrival procedures:

The process takes 2 days only, surely you will have your visa on time.

We hope that helps.

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Answer by Tran

Hi Nicole

You will need to apply for your visa beforehand in order to visit Vietnam by cruise, visa on arrival works for air travel only.

You can obtain your visa at Vietnamese Embassy below:

Hope that helps!

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Answer by Nicole

Hi, I am a Canadian. I will be travelling to China with my 7 year old daughter who is Canadian as well. During our stay in China, we are planning to go on a cruise which will take us to Vietnam for couple of days. Is there any immigration office at the port for us to get visa? Or should we get visa before we leave for China? Can you please advise on that? Best Regards, Nicole

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Answer by Thanh

Hi Noreen Hassan

No, that is not the case. Though the Immigration Office of Vietnam opening time is from only Mon to Friday, the visa counter at Vietnamese airport is 24/7, so you are welcome anytime. Just make sure you prepare all documents before leaving to save your time at Vietnamese airport.

Hope that helps!

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