How to renew the Vietnamese passport

I have tried to search the website many times but i still can not find any documents or information about it. So if i want to renew my passport, how can i do it? what documents should i fill and send it to them? What is their address? Thank.

Question by Phuoc
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Answer by Pastor william steel

I have a student wishing to renew her passport as it expires march 15 2013, we cannot download the application form, nor can we find the fee required to renew it. regard Pastor william

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Answer by thanh


You can renew your passport at an embassy of Vietnam in the country where you are living, below is a list of required documents:

    Two completed passport forms (HC1 for Vietnamese citizens living abroad for a specific period, HC2 for those who settle permanently abroad)
    One completed biography form
    Four recent passport size photos, with white background.
    Your old passport which would be cancelled and returned after verification. This should be retained to be used along with the new passport if your UK visa remains valid.
    Passport Fees

For further information, we advise that you contact the embassy directly for assistance. 

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