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Dear Sir, My wife and I are retired SENIORS with Indian Pass Port, living in Singapore on a Social Long Stay Visa. We plan to travel through South East Asia: by train, during the month of August, 2010. Do we need a visa to enter and re-enter Vietnam during our to and fro journey? South East Asia : Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea and Japan

Question by G. S. Paul
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Answer by Maureen Liew

Dear Sir, I shall be going to Hanoi in April for 4 nights 5 days. I'm Malaysian and therefore not required to apply for visa. However, my friend is German. Please advise how he can apply for a visa from Kuching. He has planned to leave Kuching for KL on 8th and next morning early 9th to Hanoi. Is application of Visa possible upon arrival at your Airport? and How much? Thank you.

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Answer by Nam


yes, you are required a multiple entry visa to enter/exit Vietnam multiple times from the countries you mentioned above.

hope that helps.

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