volunteer work visa and tourist visa

My husband and I are volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam in March. We have a visa approval number for our volunteer work dated from 18th March - 16th April. However we now arrive in Vietnam as tourists on 10th March. Is it ok to get tourist visas from 10th March - 17th March only (not a 30 day visa) as we have been told the visa dates must not cross over. We leave Vietnam 4th April. Thank you for your advice.

Janet McDermid

Question by Janet McDermid
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Answer by David

Hi Janet McDermid

Nice to hear that you enter Vietnam for volunteer works.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrive on March 10 with your visa starting from March 18. However, since you visit Vietnam for voluteering works, we are happy to offer you a new approval letter service for Free of charge, please use this form to apply online.

Have a good weekend.

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