visa on arrival via airport and via overland

We are (UKcitizens) planning to come to vietnam from HK on the 20th Nov 09 to Hanoi by air, spend a few days there, then go to Cambodia for a week. Then we are planning to go back to vietnam, by land (not decided which route yet). probably to HCMC, then go to Hanoi again to catch a flight back to HK . So we will be entering Vietnam twice, once by air and once by land within a matter of 2 weeks. What type of visa suits us best please advise .
Question by Dr Vijayakumar
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Answer by david

Hi Dr Vijayakumar

regarding your travel schedule, 1 month multiple entry visa will be best fit since it will allow you to enter/exit Vietnam for multiple times within a month.

Just make sure that your first entry is by air, then the other entries after that can be by land or air.

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