Visa for UK citizens traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam


I am traveling around South East Asia and would like to visit Vietnam.
I have looked for information regarding visas and note that you can apply for a visa on arrival, the information then says that you collect the visa when you arrive at an airport.
Can you please advise how to apply for and collect a visa on arrival when traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam.

Mr K A Doherty

Question by Mr K A Doherty
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Answer by Tran

Dear Mr K A Doherty

Since you travel into Vietnam by land, you are required to obtain a visa prior to your trip. It is advised that you contact the local embassy in London to obtain your visa before you go or if you travel to a countries near Vietnam, you can also get your visa there. Please check our websites below for information on how to get your visa in SEA countries:

Getting Vietnam visa in Cambodia
Getting Vietnam visa in Thailand
Getting Vietnam visa in Laos

We hope that helps!




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