visa for travel overland from Thailand to Vietnam

I intend to travel overland from Thailand to Vietnam with the intention of travelling in Vietnam for about 2-3 weeks before returning to Thailand. I hold a British passport. Some websites have rather confused me as to whether i can just turn up at the border or whether I have to visit a Vietnamese embassy before heading for the border (I am currently in Bangkok so I would assume there is a Vietnamese embassy here).

I would be grateful for any advice you can give me on whatvisa I need and how i  have to go about obtaining one.

Mny thanks

David Davies


Question by David Davies
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Answer by Thanh

Dear David

There is No visa at Vietnamese border, so you need to obtain your visa beforehand in order to travel overland from Thailand to Vietnam. Please read our page below for detailed guide on how to apply for a Vietnamese visa in Thailand:

Have a good day!

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