Vietnamese visa for Australians entering Vietnam from Laos by Land

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My name is Karl, I am going to Vietnam in November and I am entering Vietnam by land from Laos. I will be arriving on the 21st of November, hopefully by sleeper train. The question I have is, how do I go about obtaining a Visa for Vietnam if by entering by land? All the websites and FAQ say that you can only use the Visa if you are landing at one of the airports by air. It says on the FAQ that you have to obtain the Visa from the embassy itself. I am currently in Melbourne and there is no embassy in Melbourne, they are in Canberra and Sydney. I was wondering if it was possible to send off the application form and my passport to the embassy and get the Visa for land access. There will be two of us travelling. If you can let me know what I have to do, to get a Visa for Vietnam that would be great. Also I'm arriving in Thailand on the 1st of November and making my way through Laos, then to Vietnam if that helps.

Thanks heaps. Karl

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Answer by Thanh


You are required to have a valid visa before you arrive Vietnam by land from Laos. It is advised that you contact the embassy of Vietnam in Australia to obtain your visa before you go.

Note: You can also contact the embassy in Vientiane, Laos to apply for the visa.

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