Vietnam visa for UK passport coming from Hong Kong by ship

I am travelling on a cruise ship for a week from the 12th November 2011. The ship will travel from Hong Kong to Singapore but it will stop on 3 different nights along the coast of Vietnam. I would be grateful for some advice about what Visa type I require......

1) As the boat will be travelling / at sea overnight does this count as "leaving" the country and, if so, does this mean that I require a multiple entry visa?

2) Is it possible to use the email/electronic system for "Visa on Arrival" if I am travelling by boat rather than arriving into an airport?

I am a holder of a Full UK passport.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

Best wishes

James Manners

Question by James Manners
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Answer by John

As of 2018, UK passport holders no longer require a visa for Vietnam, you do not need to apply for a visa in this case if you stay for less than 15 days.

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Answer by Thanh

Dear James

1) you need a single entry visa in this case because you are not out/in Vietnam but travel along the coast or within Vietnam, so single entry visa is sufficient.

2) Visa on arrival is available for those who fly to Vietnam only. In case you are arriving by sea, you have two options:

a- Visit Vietnam embassy in London to get your visa (
b- Obtain your visa at Vietnamese consulate in Hong Kong (

Have a wonderful trip to Vietnam.

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