Vietnam visa for UK citizens travelling from Laos


I was wondering if I could get some advice please. I have booked my ticket to travel around South East Asia From start of November 2011-Feb 2012. (Thailand/Laos/Vietnam and finally Cambodia.)

I was under the impression I could apply for a 30 day tourist Visa for Vietnam from Bangkok, and cross over at the border crossing from Laos (Most likely at Tay Trang- Dien Bien Phu.)

However I have recently been told by my flight company that I have to order it from the UK before I leave. Could youb please confirm for me if this is the case, and what the best way to go about it is considering the time scale.

I would really appreciate any advice you could offer, im a female planning on travelling alone so I really want to feel confident that the process of crossing borders is going to be ok.

Many thanks and kind regards


Question by Josey-May
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Answer by mike bailey

Hey Josey, You can You can get all of your visa's on arrival except for Vietnam, you'll have to get that In Laos,Thailand or cambodia. I'm doing India, bangladesh, Cambodia,laos and finally vietNam (Again) nov-feb in 8 weeks time. I suggest that you apply for your Vietnam letter of approval (not the visa) and you save yourself a day or two waiting when trying to get it in. also, in vietnam and cambodia if your staying for less than 15 days you DONT nedd a visa but they wont tell you that as they want you to buy one. I'd just get your other's at checkpoints and embassie's Hope i was of help

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Answer by Thanh

Dear Josey

We advise that you obtain the visa through the embassy of Vietnam in London before you go. Otherwise, you can also apply for a visa through a local embassy in Thailand or Laos.

We hope that helps!

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