Vietnam visa for Canadians

Do I need to enter the exact arrival date on the application form or could i put an estimated date since we are unsure of the number of days we wish to stay in Hong Kong yet.

Once we submit the application online, is there anything else we need to do afterward??  What do we need to bring along with us to show the border guard at the Vietnam international airport that we have applied for the visa to enter the country???  In addition, do we need to take visa/passport pictures to present to the border guard???

Thank you very much for your help, I look forward to hear from you soon,

Ngoc Phan

Question by Ngoc Phan
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Answer by Thanh

Hi Ngoc

We recommend that you wait until your arrival date is confirmed to apply for your visa to Vietnam because the visa, once is issued, can not be amended.

For visa on arrival, you need to apply for an approval letter before you go, then present the letter at Vietnam airport to get the visa stamped. Below is the detailed guide.

Have a good day.

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