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Hello, i have been many times in Vietnam for business and private reasons. 2 years ago I met a girl and since last year we are engaged. I am not sure when will we marry, but for the moment i am thinking to buy a small house. the house will be on my fiance's name. i am old enough, i know what i am doing and taking a risk by my free will. however, a question is: is there any way to stay, say, 6 months or longer for private reasons (tourist visa?) or there is only 3 months visa? If I have 3 months visa does it mean i can stay in Vietnam for 3 months? also (this is not your field, but just asking), in your experience, is there any problem we stay in the same apartment since we are not married? i heard some stories that police made problems for that and many other where there were no problems at all.

Question by Burbank
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Answer by Thanh

Dear Burbank

Nice to hear that you decide to reside in Vietnam. Sure, you have 2 options below to get your long-term Visas in Vietnam:

1 - You apply for a 3 month multiple entry visa - either through our online service or through Vietnamese Embassy in US. When you are in Vietnam, you can extend your exisiting visa for further 3 months.
2 - If you marry a Vietnamese girl, you are eligible to apply for a 5-year visa exemption through the Government website below:


We hope that helps.

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