leaving overland? multiple entry possible?

Hello, I got my visa today, but I still have 2 questions: 1) Am I allowed to leave the country by bus to cambodia or is it only possible to leave from the 3 airports? 2) Can I choose a multiple entry by paying 50$ or have I already choosen for the single entry, by ordering this visa for 19.99$? Thanks for your help.

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leaving overland? multiple entry possible?

Dear Mala

Thank you for your question. Please find below for our answers to your concerns regarding your visa to Vietnam:

1 - you can leave Vietnam by land, however, please make sure that your first entry to Vietnam is by air because visa on arrival applies for air travel only.

2- your visa approval letter was set for single entry already, it can not be amended anymore. So, if you wish to change it to multiple entry, you need to re-apply for a new letter of approval.

Our staff also sent you an email to advise you about alternative options.

Hope that helps.


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