Do we have to purchase an onward flight out of Vietnam before we enter?

Hello, My husband and I are visiting Vietnam in March 2010 we are going to book a 3 month visitors We have booked and paid for a one way flight into Hanoi, Vietnam but have not purchased an onward flight out of Vietnam as we do not know where we are going after Vietnam, it may be China or Thailand. Do we have to purchase an onward flight or can we enter Vietnam without one and before our visa expires can we book a flight?? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank-you Kind regards Leah Brown

Question by Leah Brown
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Answer by stephanie

Doesn't it also depend on the airline? I'm flying with AirAsia airlines from Bangkok to Hanoi and I saw on the policies that I needed to posses proof of documents of return ticket or onward travel. But you also mentioned in the answer above that it isn't 'required for this visa.'



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Answer by Phuong Lan

no worries, that is not required so you can travel on a one-way ticket.

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