Bus from Nanning to Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear sir or madam,

as I found on the web site there is a way to obtain visa to Vietnam on internet. It is easy, conveniant and quick. If I understood it correctly this is the visa to land in Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City or Danang.

Could You, please, tell me if I will be able to use this visa once I will be arriving to Vietnam from Nanning, city in China, by bus?

Thank You

Sincerely Kamil Knap

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Bus from Nanning to Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello Kamil

Since visa on arrival works for air travel only, we suggest you to obtain your visa to Vietnam from China in advance. There are 5 places where you can apply for a visa from CHina are Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Please take a look on this page for whole guide.

Have a nice day.

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