a question concerning visa and stamp size

I would like to ask you a question concerning visa and stamp size. The nature of the matter is that I am planning a trip to Vietnam but only have 1,5 pages left in my passport. I am a Swedish citizen so I should be exempted from visa under the given conditions. However, I am looking into the possibility of going with an open ticket, which would then require me to get a tourist visa.

Hence my concern about the size of the visa and of the stamp, which comes down to 2 questions:

1. If I were to get a tourist visa, would that require one full page in the passport?
2. If I enter under the conditions of visa exemption, how big will the stamp be in my passport?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!

Question by Berit
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Answer by Tran

Dear Berit

If you go with a tourist visa, your passport needs to have at least a full blank page since the visa will spread the whole page. On the other hand, if you just stay for less than 15 days, you are exempt from visa and the stamp at airport will be small (around a post stamp size. Either way you choose, 1.5 pages left on your passport are sufficient.

Hope that helps.

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