Building Dong Xuan Market to become tourist destination

With the advantage of having long history of Culture, traditions and being located in the community of ancient quarter of Hanoi, Dong Xuan Market is one of attractive tourist destinations of capital.

This is also the biggest trading centers of the North, having advantages of cheap and various products to attract visitors.

According to the statistics of the tourist office of Dong Xuan (Dong Xuan Travel, belonging to Dong Xuan JSC, on average per month, Dong Xuan market receives 7.600 turns of foreign visitors. Mainly visitors coming from Thailand, China, France, England; Japan…….

To advertise the image of Dong Xuan market, creating favorable conditions for citizens to sell and buy products ( consumer products and handicrafts), Dong Xuan JSC is now organizing to exploit tours at the market. Currently, Dong Xuan travel is now establishing tours to exploit potentials of tourism of the market to develop the tourism of culture, research for development of tourist products.

Dong Xuan Travel has promoted to link up tours with travel agents and is estimated to put into operation in the soonest time. The third floor of the market is now being repaired to build up accommodations and for relaxation for visitors. Some department stores in the market will be made in contract to build up as standard department stores to attract visitors. The company is now rebuilding the history by building books, CDs to introduce to visitors.

From 2010 on wards, the company will build up Dong Xuan market to archive the standards of tourist destination of the city; research development of services and accommodations of visitors.

Source: TCDL - CINET

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