Will be in Vietnam for 5 + 10 days, will enter Da Nang airport on the 15th Day but won't fly until 00:50am on the 16th day, am I exempt?

I am a British passport holder, I will be flying into Hanoi (arrive 22nd March) and will spend 5 days in Vietnam (flying to Cambodia 26th March). I will then return to Vietnam (flying into Ho Chi Minh City) on 2nd April and spend 10 days there (flying back to UK on Saturday 11th) - however the flight is actually Sunday 12th at 00:50 am - but i will obviously be in the airport on the 15th Day in Vietnam - do i need a visa/ if so what visa do i need? i.e. could i get a waiver for the first visit and then a single entry for the second, or do i need a multi-entry visa?

Question by James Whelan
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Answer by Mai Nguyen

Dear James,

You will need a visa for your second entry only (from Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh city) and a single entry visa will suffice.

Have a good day!

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