Vietnam visa on arrival for business purposes

we need a visa for one of our technicians (UK citizen) for a service in Vietnam. Is it possible to apply online for a visa on arrival for business purposes?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Maren Lautenschläger

Vietnam visa for UK passport coming from Hong Kong by ship

I am travelling on a cruise ship for a week from the 12th November 2011. The ship will travel from Hong Kong to Singapore but it will stop on 3 different nights along the coast of Vietnam. I would be grateful for some advice about what Visa type I require......

1) As the boat will be travelling / at sea overnight does this count as "leaving" the country and, if so, does this mean that I require a multiple entry visa?

2) Is it possible to use the email/electronic system for "Visa on Arrival" if I am travelling by boat rather than arriving into an airport?

I am a holder of a Full UK passport.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

Best wishes

James Manners

visa for 3 weeks to vietnam, laos and cambodja

we are going on a trip for 3 weeks to vietnam, laos and cambodja. however we are not exactly sure what date we will be entering vietnam. Since in the visa application a specific date is requested, i am wondering what happens if we enter vietnam on a different date? is this a problem? hope to hear from you soon,

Vietnam visa for Canadians taking a cruise to Vietnam

My wife and I (both Canadian citizens) are taking a cruise with stops in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. Can we get a visa on arrival at the ports in these cities, or are the ships cleared summarily. Please explain the procedure at the ports and what we have to do. Thank you very much in advance. Andreas Weiss Val Morin, Qc Canada

Vietnam visa for British passport holders entering via Train

We are British passport holders looking to visit Vietnam in December. We are entering via Train on a tour and so it is my understanding that we are not able to get the online visa is this correct as we will not be entering via airport? If we are unable to apply for an online visa is the easiest thing to come to the embassy as we live in Canberra? If so what do we need to bring. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

Do I have to specify in my application which airport I am to pick up the visa

Hi, I understand there are 3 international airports for visa on arrival. Do I have to specify in my application which airport I am to pick up the visa ? Is it possible for me to request the Visa be issued in either the Hanoi or HO Chi Ming airport? If the visa letter specifies e.g. airport in Hanoi, and there is a last minute unexpected change in the airport of arrival e.g. a switch from Hanoi to Ho Chi Ming, can I still get a visa on landing with the visa letter for Hanoi? ( I am with a Hong Kong tour group that is to land in Hanoi airport but there is a possibility that the company may decide to reverse the itinerary and land in Ho Chi Ming first ) I look forward to your reply before filling out the application. Thank you. Diana

Vietnamese visa for Australians entering Vietnam from Laos by Land

Hi there,

My name is Karl, I am going to Vietnam in November and I am entering Vietnam by land from Laos. I will be arriving on the 21st of November, hopefully by sleeper train. The question I have is, how do I go about obtaining a Visa for Vietnam if by entering by land? All the websites and FAQ say that you can only use the Visa if you are landing at one of the airports by air. It says on the FAQ that you have to obtain the Visa from the embassy itself. I am currently in Melbourne and there is no embassy in Melbourne, they are in Canberra and Sydney. I was wondering if it was possible to send off the application form and my passport to the embassy and get the Visa for land access. There will be two of us travelling. If you can let me know what I have to do, to get a Visa for Vietnam that would be great. Also I'm arriving in Thailand on the 1st of November and making my way through Laos, then to Vietnam if that helps.

Thanks heaps. Karl

Vietnam Visa for UK passport

I write to enquire application for Vietnam visa for UK passport for business. Your website state that the maximum validity for multiple entry as 3 months. Is there a concession visa for 12 months to allow for multiple visits to Vietnam on business? Thank you. Regards,

Jenna Fan

Vietnam visa from Los Angeles for taking a cruise ship

Question/Issue:  A companion and I are taking a cruise which will stop in three Vietnamese ports. How do we go about getting visas for arrival by sea ? We are located in Los Angeles which does not have  a Vietnam consulate. Can we do it on the internet? Is a loose leaf visa possible?
thank you.
Walter Boxer

Vietnam and Cambodia

I am travelling to vietnam and then cambodia in novemer but will be flying home back from ho chi minh, i am aware i need a multiple entry visa but do i need a seperate visa for cambodia? or does the vietnamese visa i purchase cover cambodia? Also will we have to pay for each border crossing through cambodia, for example from phnom penh to siem reap and back to phnom penh through to sihanoukville? Thanks