Is there an ATM at Ho Chi Minh city airport?

The "stamp fee" of US$25 has to be paid in cash only on arrival. Is there an ATM in Ho Chi Minh City airport before one reaches immigration? Just US$ are not my currency, and Dong are not available outside Vietnam; if one can withdraw cash from an ATM before immigration.

Question by D Wilshire
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Answer by Tran

HI D Wilshire,

I am afraid that the ATM machines are located outside of the immigration area. If you can not get any USD or VND before you go, here are your options:

  • Prepare the NZD before you go (try to make the amount equivalent to $25 US) -> it will be easier for the change at the airport and will save your time.
  • Ask the officers for help in case you need to locate the ATM machines
  • Exchange the currency at NZ airport before you fly, we believe there are many currency exchange boots at NZ airport terminals, please ask the airport staff for assistance.

I hope it helps.

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