visa exemption for Danis and Thai citizens


I have try to make booking by your company, only for se have work. I have been lot around your website, and get good information.
My wife and me are on holiday in our house in Thailand, and speak about little trip to Vietnam.

My wife is Thai citizen and have Thai passport with permanent stay in Denmark, and I’m Danish citizen with Danish passport.
What I can see on Embassy website (Thai and Danish) are that Danish citizen can go in Vietnam 15 days and Thai citizen 30 days.
On your website I can understand, that if you have Approval Letter, it’s much more easy to go in Vietnam.

Then come my question:

Have fast can vi get this Approval Letter (belongs to your answer this mail, and have fast I can send our application) ?
Did I make application for each person, or can we be on the same?
On the simple form to fill out arriving airport in Ho Chi Minh, what means with:

Place of employment: my working place home? or hotel in Vietnam?
Present address: our home address? or address of hotel in Vietnam?

We have this week start 16.11.09 in Thailand, is it possible for us looking for at trip start in the morning on the of November with Approval Letter?

Best Regards
John Abrahamsen

Question by John Abrahamsen
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