Vietnam visa from Los Angeles for taking a cruise ship

Question/Issue:  A companion and I are taking a cruise which will stop in three Vietnamese ports. How do we go about getting visas for arrival by sea ? We are located in Los Angeles which does not have  a Vietnam consulate. Can we do it on the internet? Is a loose leaf visa possible?
thank you.
Walter Boxer

Question by Walter Boxer
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Answer by william rowe

i am australian cit. traveling by cruise ship from hong kong how do i apply for visa ?


Hi William

If you are arriving Vietnam by cruise ship, please visit Vietnam embassy to get your visa beforehand:

We hope that helps!

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Answer by Thanh

Dear Walter

You are required to apply for a Vietnam visa at an embassy or consulate of Vietnam in US in advance in order to enter Vietnam by cruise. Loose leaf visas are also available upon request, we suggest that you contact Vietnamese embassy for detailed procedures:

Vietnam visa in New York, NY
Vietnam visa in Houston
Vietnam visa in San Francisco (SF) California

We wish you a great trip to Vietnam.

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