Do my children require an visa to Hanoi?

My wife and I have an APEC business card holders and are approved to Vietnam visa exempted . We would like to carry my children (one age 11 and one age 15) together for my next trip. Do they require to apply for entry visa ? Please advise, thank you very much. Regards, Suen

Question by Suen
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Answer by Lyly Tran

my family of 2 adults and 2 children, 1 of 13years old, 1 of 3years old will be travel to Vietnam at the end of March 2012 for about 3 weeks Please advise if the 3y.o needs a visa as well thank you Lyly Tran

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Answer by Thanh


Yes, children also need visas to Vietnam on either their own passport or parents passport. You can apply for a full visa through a local embassy before you go or apply online for an approval letter to pick up the visa at Vietnam airport.

Advice: Since you are travelling with children, we advise that you apply for a visa before you go because sometimes the procedure at Vietnam airport may take 1 hour due to the large number of arrivals.

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