Adhesive visa

Can I can get the adhesive type visa , not the loose-leaf type, when I arrive, by air, in Hanoi? I need the adhesive type because I will be exiting Vietnam and into Laos by land, and Lao immigration needs proof of exiting Vietnam. A loose-leaf type is torn off by Vietnam immigration when leaving and therefore Lao Immigration will not allow someone in without "proof" or an adhesive visa.

Question by Roy
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Answer by Tran

Hello Roy,

For visa on arrival, the visa will be stamped on your passport permanently, so you can use it as a proof for your entry to Laos. Below is the example of an adhesive visa stamp:

Vietnam Visa Stamp
Visa stamp at Vietnam airport

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Answer by Thanh

Dear Roy

Both visa types will allow you to exit by land. We advise that you contact the local embassy for information on how to get a visa to Vietnam before you go.

We hope that helps!

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