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Good day,
We aree travelling to SE Asia in a month and will be visiting Vietnam for approx. 10 days.
I have called the embassy in our city and they gave us a price of $93 for a visa. In an effort to keep costs down, I am looking for at other options to obtain a visa. I was looking on your website and there is a lower priced optionof having a pre-approved visa.
Could you please tell me how to obtain a pre-approved visa and how it is different?
Thanks for your help!
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Question by Jennifer Shee
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Answer by Thanh

Dear Jenny

The letter of approval is issued by the Immigration Office of Vietnam that allows you to pick up your visa at Vietnam airport when you arrive. The process involves three simple steps that are well explained on our website, please take a look on:

How to apply - 3 steps

Hope that helps!

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