Inquiry regarding On Arrival Visa for Indian national

I did inquiry with Vietnamese embassy in Mumbai/Bombay in India regarding visa requirement and got to know Vietnamese embassy only issues 15 day visa from the date of application. Is it the same rule for Indian nationals if I apply Vietnamese tourist visa using this web-site? I intend to travel by 24th October. Is it ok if I apply for visa this month only to avoid any delays [ Online visa ] ? I get 24th October arrival date on approval letter or the date when I apply for online visa? Please clarify. Thank you!

Question by Amey Abhyankar
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Answer by Raja

Hello iam Raja. iam planning to be in HCM airport on 2nd of october. i have done my vis on arrival through website. how many copies of approval letter has to be carried during the travel and is it enough i carry only 2 copies of photos. also i need to know what are the other documents i need to carry except for the above two. Raja.-


Hi Raja

Only one copy is required, however, we suggest that you prepare more than one copy for both photos and approval letter in case of loss. Besides these documents, you just need your passport and fill out the entry/exit form in advance.

We wish you a great trip to Vietnam.

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Answer by Thanh


You can apply for an approval letter to pick up the visa upon arrival. If you travel in October, it is good to apply for one now to make sure you have everything ready for your trip.

Advice: We advise that you apply for a full visa before you go at a local embassy to save your time at Vietnam airport.

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