Vietnam Visa for Russians

I am Russian nationality and I understand that I do not need visa to enter Vietnam if stay in Vietnam less than 15 days. However, I am planning to travel to Vietnam in December this year, and I will be crossing border and entering Vietnam by bus coming from Cambodia (via Bavet cross border point). Will it be OK for me to cross border and enter Vietnam at that customs point coming from Cambodia without any visa issue?

Adhesive visa

Can I can get the adhesive type visa , not the loose-leaf type, when I arrive, by air, in Hanoi? I need the adhesive type because I will be exiting Vietnam and into Laos by land, and Lao immigration needs proof of exiting Vietnam. A loose-leaf type is torn off by Vietnam immigration when leaving and therefore Lao Immigration will not allow someone in without "proof" or an adhesive visa.

entry/exit application

I have recently applied for a visa for Vietnam online. I have been given the forms to state that they have been accepted but they ask for a application form to be filled out as well. At the bottom it tells you to submit 1 form to the visa issuing office and the other to the police post on arrival. Where is the visa issuing office? Do i need to go to the embassy?

Vietnam visa on arrival form

Hello. I am just filling in my application form and I want to do it correctly before I arrive. Number 12 Port of arrival. Does that mean the city or the airport? Number 13. Done at______. Does that mean my city or Saigon where I will be landing. On would be the date ?

Thanking you

Raymond King

Pre-approved visa

Good day,
We aree travelling to SE Asia in a month and will be visiting Vietnam for approx. 10 days.
I have called the embassy in our city and they gave us a price of $93 for a visa. In an effort to keep costs down, I am looking for at other options to obtain a visa. I was looking on your website and there is a lower priced optionof having a pre-approved visa.
Could you please tell me how to obtain a pre-approved visa and how it is different?
Thanks for your help!
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Inquiry regarding On Arrival Visa for Indian national

I did inquiry with Vietnamese embassy in Mumbai/Bombay in India regarding visa requirement and got to know Vietnamese embassy only issues 15 day visa from the date of application. Is it the same rule for Indian nationals if I apply Vietnamese tourist visa using this web-site? I intend to travel by 24th October. Is it ok if I apply for visa this month only to avoid any delays [ Online visa ] ? I get 24th October arrival date on approval letter or the date when I apply for online visa? Please clarify. Thank you!

Group application and Multiple entry (air and cruise)

Dear sir/madam, I have two questions. Firstly , I have a party of three and want to visit Vietnam in late august/ early sep and we notice if we apply the visa together then the fees would be cheaper. However, we may not be arriving or leaving Vietnam at the same date and in this case is the group application still applicable or we need to apply separately? Secondly, we will be joining a cruise two months after our first visit and the ship will visit Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, so we would like to know if we apply for a 3 months multiple visa on arrival will it suit out needs? Thank you for your help.

Take photos at airport

Hi there, I am travelling to Vietnam now and I have all the relevant visas however I am struggling to get my required passport photos. Can I get these at Hanoi Airport? Thanks.

Vaccination Certificate

I want to apply for my visa for Vietnam. Do you have to prove that you have certain vaccinations to enter the country? I am Irish coming from New York

Required Documents

Good day, I have to travel to Vietnam at short notice. Only to observe work on a ship, not to work myself in Vietnam. How do I get a Visa on arrival and what papers or documents (other than my passport) do I need? I am a British citizen. Regards