Group application and Multiple entry (air and cruise)

Dear sir/madam, I have two questions. Firstly , I have a party of three and want to visit Vietnam in late august/ early sep and we notice if we apply the visa together then the fees would be cheaper. However, we may not be arriving or leaving Vietnam at the same date and in this case is the group application still applicable or we need to apply separately? Secondly, we will be joining a cruise two months after our first visit and the ship will visit Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, so we would like to know if we apply for a 3 months multiple visa on arrival will it suit out needs? Thank you for your help.

Question by Paul Woo
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Answer by Thanh

Dear Paul

For an application with multiple applicants arriving on separate dates, please use this form to get group discount.

If you intend to re-visit Vietnam by cruise, it is recommended that you apply for a 3 month multiple entry visa to cover your trip to Vietnam and to avoid any further visa procedures. Please make sure that the second trip will finish before the visa expires.

Hope that helps.


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