Single or multiple entry visa for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Hello, I plan on arriving in Ho Chi Minh City on the 1st of October for a vacation. I plan on staying there for a few days, then to take a flight to Hanoi to travel North Vietnam with a friend for one more week. I was wondering what kind of Visa am I required to have for this kind of trip? For example is a multi-entry Visa what I need or will I need 2 single entry visas as I will be arriving in 2 different airports? Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank You! Aidan

Vietnam Visa Fee Through USA Vietnam Embassy 2012

Dear My Vietnam Visa:

I am leading a Sierra Club trip to Vietnam in February/March, 2012, and have listed you as one of the options for obtaining a Vietnam visa. Can you please tell me how much it costs to obtain a Vietnam visa (1 month) through the USA Vietnam embassy? Two years ago it cost $65 but one of my trip participants recently told me that it has increased to $80.00 (for a 1-month visa).

Thank you! Tim Wernette

Vietnam visa for US citizens flying from Manila

Hello, Thanks for the advise.
Planning to fly from U.S., visit Manila, and then fly into Hanoi from Manila. Staying for 6 days then fly to Saigon for a stay on the southern Islands then on to Cambodia. What is the easiest way to make arrival into Hanoi simple. Can I get a visa for 14 days at the Hanoi arrival? Thank you so much. Aloha, Ron

Visa Requirements for Citizens of Costa Rica & U.S.A

Good Morning:

We will be travelling on a cruise ship in Dec 2012, stopping in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and Hanoi. We want to leave the ship at the port of Hue, and travel by land from Hue to Hanoi, then join the ship again in Hanoi. What visa requirments do we need?: I am a citizen of the United Sates. My friend is a citizen of Costa Rica, who also has a visa for the U.S. We will only be in Vietman for a few days. Do we need a visa?

Thank you.

Gary Rose

Visiting Vietnam in a Cruise, Visa requirement for Mexico and spain

We will be visiting Vietnam in a Cruise in march 2011, entering via ports of call within the ship itinerary (Ho-Chi Min 3 days, Chan May 1 day and Hongai 1 day), My passport is from Spain and my wife's is form Mexico How do we apply for Visas entering 5 days in 3 different ports?

Rafael Fernandez

Vietnam visa on arrival form

Hello. I am just filling in my application form and I want to do it correctly before I arrive. Number 12 Port of arrival. Does that mean the city or the airport? Number 13. Done at______. Does that mean my city or Saigon where I will be landing. On would be the date ?

Thanking you

Raymond King

Vietnam visa photos at Bangkok airport

Can you get your 2 passport photos done at the Bangkok or any airport when in Thailand before departing to Vietnam?

I will be entering Vietnam by boat from cambodia, how do I get Visa.

I will enter Vietnam by boat from Cambodia. How do I ge Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam visa for round-the-world trip in January 2012


I am looking to take a vacation in Vietnam in January 2012 as part of my round the world trip which starts in Oct 2011.
Can you please advise if I would be able to obtain a tourist visa valid for land entry via Cambodia & departure by air from Saigon in Jan 2012 now as I leave the UK 4th Oct.

Many thanks
Josephine Nelson

Vietnam visa for overland entry

Hello I would like to apply for a visa on line but I noticed this service is only for visitors who arrive by airplane. I will be arriving overland. How do I get my visa? I do not want to send my passport in and do it via post. Can I still apply on-line or do I have to come to london and apply for the visa in person at the embassy.

Kind regards