visa on arrival via Holland America cruise ship

For a US Citizen, can I get a single entry tourist visa via "visa on arrival program" by cruise ship.  Holland America ship 8am arrival, 6pm same day departure at Nha Trang seaport.

If not, can I obtain visa when ship arrive at port or do I have to get transit visa in advance.

visa for travel overland from Thailand to Vietnam

I intend to travel overland from Thailand to Vietnam with the intention of travelling in Vietnam for about 2-3 weeks before returning to Thailand. I hold a British passport. Some websites have rather confused me as to whether i can just turn up at the border or whether I have to visit a Vietnamese embassy before heading for the border (I am currently in Bangkok so I would assume there is a Vietnamese embassy here).

I would be grateful for any advice you can give me on whatvisa I need and how i  have to go about obtaining one.

Mny thanks

David Davies


Vietnam visa at the border between Lao and Vietnam

i am traveling to Vietnam from Lao by bus the 17th of October, I already have my visa approval letter to collect my visa on arrival, however does it work at the border between Lao and Vietnam or only at the airport once in Vietnam? if not, how can i get my visa once there?

thank you in advance for your reply,

a question concerning visa and stamp size

I would like to ask you a question concerning visa and stamp size. The nature of the matter is that I am planning a trip to Vietnam but only have 1,5 pages left in my passport. I am a Swedish citizen so I should be exempted from visa under the given conditions. However, I am looking into the possibility of going with an open ticket, which would then require me to get a tourist visa.

Hence my concern about the size of the visa and of the stamp, which comes down to 2 questions:

1. If I were to get a tourist visa, would that require one full page in the passport?
2. If I enter under the conditions of visa exemption, how big will the stamp be in my passport?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!

Vietnam visa for travelling by train from China

my wife and i plan to travel by train from China to Viet Nam in april 2012, go to Hanoi, spend a few days, then go by train to HCM City, then by bus to Phnom Penh. can we purchase visas at the Chinese border, or do we have to purchase them on line before? Since we arent sure of the exact day we will enter Viet Nam, is it ok to put in expected dates of arrival and departure? Thank you.

Question on "Entry & Exit Visa" form for Airport

Hi, On the form it asks on #10: Name, Address of office, organization or full name, relation, or address of your relatives to contact or visit. Does this mean our "emergency information"? Or does it mean who we will visit in Vietnam? We are not visiting a person but rather staying at a hotel. Do we need to know the hotel name, it was arranged by my wife's sister and she is traveling on her own, not with us. Thx, Tim

Possible to move visa to new passport?


I arranged with you a multiple entry visa some days ago. I am in Vietnam now so everything was ok. But now I have a problem that maybe you can solve.

I want to go to Cambodia so I have to make a new passport in my embassy (I do not have the 6 months validity that Cambodia requires). The problem is that if I do that I will lose my Vietnam visa and I will need it to get it Vietnam again. My embassy told me that there is something I can do with Vietnam immigration to move the visa from my old passport to the new one. Is that possible? Can you do it? How long would it take? How much would it be? What should I do?

If moving the visa is not possible, you think it is ok if I get a new single entry visa with you in the same way I did before?

Or you think I can reuse the letter you sent me the first time to get in Vietnam again?

Entry Requirements to Vietnam

I have received my Visa approval letter and was going over the final requirements and have a couple of questions. I clicked the On arrival form(Application for Entry and Exit Visa - M3) and am ready to complete it. It reads at the bottom the following...

Note: Please fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4x6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate and the other to frontier, police post upon arrival

My questions ... How do I locate the Vietnam visa issuing office? I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Is there a local office in Atlanta? Is there a charge to submit this form to the visa office? Please advise how I should do this and am I using the correct form. I appreciate your assistance. Nancy North Shaw

Visa Requirements for Over Land Border Crossing

I may be crossing into Vietnam from Laos via bus/boat. What type of visa do I need for this, and how I get it? I believe the Visa on Arrival is only applicable if you are flying into a major airport in Vietnam. Can you please confirm? Thank you, Lauren

Visa on Arrival for Canadian

Visa on Arrival for Canadian. We are taking a cruise and will visit Da Nang and Saigon on a ship. Can we apply our Vietnam Visa on line, get the approval letter, and then get the Vietnam Visa on arrival at our first arrival PORT? We are not arriving from a airport? Ronnie Wu