Transit visa for 3 hours


We are arriving Hanoi airport in late December, we will wait at the airport for 2 hours before catching a flight to Sydney. May we know if we need a visa for this transit. if yes, how can we go about it? Thank you very much.

can i get a visa (tourist) despite the fact that my passport is valid for only 4 months ?

Hi there! I am an Irish student travelling Asia for the Summer (12 weeks). When I left Ireland on the 30th of May my passport was valid for another 6 months, however now it only valid for 4. It expires on the 5th of December 2011. I am terrified this will create problems for me as I wish to move from Laos, where I currently am, to Vietnam. The transition will be made over land. I have spent the day looking up this on the internet and most places say that I will need 6 months validity beginning on my entry into Vietnam (WHICH I DO NOT HAVE). There is no point in me applying for a passport extension as it will take too long. I wish to spent a week in Vietnam and then fly from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. A small number of internet sites didnt mention the 6 month validity issue but did instead say that a month passport validity upon leaving Vietnam is necessary. (this would not create any problems for me). Im not sure if this is exactly your field of expertise but I urgently need to know anything that could help me. Can you give me any insight as to this subject. I have tried contacting the embassy in Laos but it was too late and it will be closed at the weekend. I also tried to contact the Vietnamese embassy in London with no luck, unfortnately. I would really appreciate any help or advice you could give me, Thank you!

Transit Visa for South Korea

Hello, I have booked my trip to Vietnam for March 2012. The flight stops in South Korea for a 1.5 hours on the way to Vietnam and the return ticket will have an 8 hour stop. Do I need a visa for South Korea? I already got my approval letter and do you know if I can get a visa-on-arrival for Korea? I'm a US citizen by the way.

Short trip to Cambodia, back to Vietnam by land

I would like to know if I can use your "visa on arrival" service (multiple entries, one month) if I fly into a) HCM Airport from USA, b) drive to Cambodia overland with a Cambodia visa, c) drive back to HCM ? Does option (c) allow me to come back to HCM ? Thank-you

transiting visa Vietnam

Hello, I am not staying Vietnam at all, just transiting at the airport. I need to collect my bags and check in for the next flight as I will not be checked all the way through. Do I need a visa?

Obtain Vietnam Visa in Phnom Penh (or Siem Reap)

Hi, I am an American citizen and will be traveling in Vietnam later this month. Before going to Vietnam, I will be traveling to Siem Reap and then to Phnom Penh. I was wondering if it will be possible to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa (the less than 15 days option) while in Phnom Penh. Please note that I will only be in Phnom Penh for a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and a Monday. I noticed that the embassy is closed on the weekends. I would thus have to be able to obtain my Vietnam tourist visa within 24 hours (on Monday), as I will leave early Tuesday morning. Will this be possible to do? I have also considered the Vietnam visa on arrival option, but do not believe that this is an option for me as I will be traveling into Vietnam by land. Also, would it be possible for me to obtain a Vietnam visa while in Siem Reap? How long would that process take?

transit visa for Vietnam

hi Could you tell me if i need to apply for a visa for Hong Kong as we transfer to another flight onroute to vietnam but don't leave the airport. Also I was told by the travel agent when i booked my flight that we didn't need a visa for Vietnam is this true? If we do need to apply for a visa when do you suggest we do we arrive at Hoi Chi Minh on 18th October and is the visa on arrivel reliable or are we better applying via embassy in UK? Thanks Liz

Visa Application form

Please can you show me where I can get the Visa application form...Or can u attach a copy and send to me howard.jude@(....) 0207 767 (....)

Visa Cost

Please advise the cost of a visa to travel inJanuary 2010

Multiple Journey

We'll fly to vietnam for holiday but after we'll move to Cambodia, Laos and then Thailand and Malaysia... Do I need to Apply for visa for every destination or i can use the Vietnamese one ? thankyou !!